Lenovo VIBE Shot Camera Smartphone with TriFlash & IR Focus @ RM1,399

Lenovo VIBE Shot Camera Smartphone Launch In Malaysia @ RM1,399

Lenovo VIBE Shot Camera Smartphone Launch In Malaysia @ RM1,399

Finally Lenovo launched the Lenovo VIBE Shot in Malaysia and I was really interested to know the performance of this camera smartphone that has been claimed as a good phone designed for all photographers. I've always hunting for other smartphone which has excellent night capture feature (especially for concert) and affordable at the same time. Selling at RRP RM1,399, this phone with sleek design and new features deserve a little shoutout. 

Lenovo today announced the launch of the Lenovo VIBE Shot, a smartphone that promises the best of both worlds. With a 16MP main camera and 5.0” Full HD screen promising the best of both worlds by combining a fabulous camera with a premium smartphone, the VIBE Shot is tailored specifically for both shutterbugs and savvy socials who love a good design. Users will never again miss a shot of life’s special moments with the arrival of the Lenovo VIBE Shot.

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Doing photoshoot of the model covered with Christmas Lights using the Lenovo VIBE Shot and studio light
Doing photoshoot of the model covered with Christmas Lights using the Lenovo VIBE Shot and studio light

The introduction of Lenovo VIBE Shot was done with having models being photoshoot using the camera smartphone and studio light instead of using DSLR. As a photogrpaher myself, the lighting setup definitely could create the scenario that Lenovo VIBE Shot could be a professional camera phone. That time I wasn't sure if the Lenovo VIBE Shot can be synced with studio flash or not.

Fast action of model flipping hair being captured using the Lenovo VIBE Shot
Above performance are just part of the launch and I did doubt that Lenovo VIBE Shot can capture such photo in dim light especially fast action like the hair flipping. If it really can, professional photographers who work in studio will find difficulties in getting clients already haha!!

Foo Mun Yee, Country Lead, Lenovo Smartphone, Malaysia showcasing the Lenovo VIBE Shot together with two models
Foo Mun Yee, Country Lead, Lenovo Smartphone, Malaysia showcasing the Lenovo VIBE Shot together with two models

“The VIBE Shot is a stylish yet powerful smartphone that is perfect for people who want both a phone and a camera. This latest product underlines our sustained commitment and effort to innovation, by giving people what they need, in a compelling design,”said Foo Mun Yee, Country Lead, Lenovo Smartphone, Malaysia. 

Lenovo VIBE Shot is a camera phone with 16 MP Rear Camera and manual shutter button
Lenovo VIBE Shot is a camera phone with 16 MP Rear Camera and manual shutter button

As a photographer myself, I do like touch screen, but I still prefer a physical button that can act as a shutter button. With that you can selfie using the rear camera without trying so hard to find the shutter button on screen.

Purpose-built to capture brilliant photos

Like a standalone shooter, the VIBE Shot features a dedicated shutter button, which can be used to instantly activate the camera function to snap the perfect shot. Its on-board infrared auto-focusing (AF) system is twice as fast as a conventional autofocus*, while the tri-color LED flash ensures more realistic skin tones – a world’s first for smartphones.

*Infrared Autofocus: 20 milliseconds for range finding, 150 milliseconds for fine tuning, 24 frames per second focusing. The IR Autofocus range finding is limited to 50cm, therefore it immediately switches to infinity focus when it cannot find an object within 50cms, making focusing 2x faster than conventional autofocus (Test results may vary depending on test circumstances)

Meanwhile, superior low-light performance and clarity for shooting images in darker interiors or at night are supported by a 16:9 BSI sensor, and  optical image stabilization (OIS) tech ensures reduced blurring should the camera accidentally move or shake.

Lenovo VIBE Shot with Tricolor flash
Lenovo VIBE Shot with Tricolor flash

Based on the explanation, this Tricolor flash will enable you to have better night photo with correct white balance. It will be good for photography of night event but the limitation is 50cm from the subject. (I consider it good already because professional camera need a heavy flashgun using 4 AA batteries for better lighting). Maybe if the camera is good enough, taking photo without flash will turn out great as well!!

Designed for all levels of photographers

At the flick of a switch, users can easily toggle between the camera’s Auto and Pro modes. Targeted at budding shutterbugs, a highlight of the Auto Mode is its Smart Composition function, incorporating automatic scene detection and an onscreen “point & shoot” guidance. The Pro mode,on the other hand, gives enthusiasts manual controls such as aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings, enabling limitless compositions to unlock their creativity. Another world’s first is the panoramic selfie feature that lets you take three selfies and turn them into one that includes more people.

Specification for Lenovo VIBE Shot in Malaysia
Specification for Lenovo VIBE Shot in Malaysia

Based on the written specification of Lenovo VIBE Shot, I think the phone is good enough for overall usage. 16GB built-in storage is never enough for smartphone nowadays so 32 GB is a wise choice! Furthermore with 3GB RAM, I can definitely multitask on several photo editing apps without affecting the speed I guess? If you have two different telco sim, this phone suit you even more.

Confidence-inspiring performance

Keeping the VIBE Shot snappy is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor on top of an octa-core chip which is engineered for multitasking while remaining extremely power efficient at the same time. 3GB of RAM adds to the performance, and a 32GB of built-in storage, expandable up to 128GB through a microSD card support, enables you to have all your photos with you all the time. With 4G / LTE support, users can expect the smoothest Web browsing and online gaming experiences too.

Lenovo VIBE Shot now available in Carmine Red and Graphite Grey color in Malaysia
Lenovo VIBE Shot now available in Carmine Red and Graphite Grey color in Malaysia

Stylishly crafted smartphone

Besides picture perfect images, the VIBE Shot utilizes premium materials boasting a full aluminum outer frame, plus front and back Corning Gorilla glass. Merely 7.6mm thick, the VIBE Shot will slide readily into any pocket without leaving an unsightly bulge. For now, it will be available in Carmine Red and Graphite Grey to reflect each user’s distinct persona and digital lifestyle.

Photos captured using Lenovo VIBE Shot printed out and framed on the gallery wall
Photos captured using Lenovo VIBE Shot printed out and framed on the gallery wall
Based on the photo that I saw hanging on the wall, Lenovo VIBE Shot can take reasonable good photos of the landscape scenery. My point is, camera is just a tool for photographer, no matter how good the camera is, it is the photographer that make full use of the camera to take images that has been imagined/framed in his mind. You don't need a high end DSLR to be professional, but you will notice you need better gear after a year or so when it no longer satisfied your need =)

For me, I will choose something like Lenovo VIBE Shot when I want to travel light without needs to carry heavy DSLR around. It is actually a good and bad news for photographer like us. For photographer, lighter camera that create awesome images is a great tool for not only us, but also everyone who need a camera smartphone. The bad news? Some people might think that they can do what professional photographer does and our skill in capturing your precious moments could be ignored. They will question why we charge a decent price for the "same" photography service haha!!

Models in bright red dress showcasing the Lenovo VIBE Shot

Lenovo VIBE Shot - A new camera smartphone that you can consider to own

A really dark lighted photobooth to show the power of Lenovo VIBE Shot low light photography feature

Lenovo VIBE Shot has both Pro and Auto mode to help you capture the photo in best quality as they can

Won RM100 AEON Vouchers during the lucky draw session
Although I wasn't lucky enough to win a brand new Lenovo VIBE Shot camera smartphone, I was lucky enough as I won AEON Vouchers during their lucky draw session. Thanks for the gift yo!! At least it covered some of my petrol and car parking cost *laugh in tears*

Kugan from MalaysianWireless and Fiona a long time PR friend!! Good to see you again!!

The sleek design of Lenovo VIBE Shot with the 16MP camera

Lenovo VIBE Shot now available in Malaysia with two colors

Lenovo VIBE Shot Pricing and Availability in Malaysia

The Lenovo VIBE Shot will be made available at all Lenovo Smartphone Retail Partners from 18 August 2015 onwards at RM1,399.

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My verdicts on Lenovo VIBE Shot

Based on my first hands on, Lenovo VIBE Shot has what photographer need to control the camera on the phone. IT has the manual mode for us to control the ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture and even the focus distance. Based on the specification, the smartphone should be smooth enough to open multiple apps at same time and suitable for multitask person like me. I tried capture photos at dark and it was reasonable with the current mobile quality. Maybe I just need to explore more of this new Lenovo camera phone as I think they have smarter camera mode to capture better photo in not just low light but other scene too. 

Please wait till I got my hands on the phone for longer period then I can judge it more accurately from my own photographer and social evangelist point of view. RM1,399 is definitely much more affordable than other premium smartphone in the market right now. Well, it does comes back to this question - Do you get what you paid for??

PS: If you are selling this device and would like someone to review it. I am up to review this for you =)

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