#BERSIH4 - My Photography Journey @ Dataran Merdeka, Masjid Jamek & Bukit Jalil

#BERSIH4.0 - My Photography Journey @ Dataran Merdeka , Masjid Jamek and Bukit Jalil
"Prime Minister Najib Razak has become embroiled in a scandal involving state fund debts and allegations of deposits totaling 2.6 billion ringgit paid to his bank account. Razak has denied any wrongdoing. Thousands of people gathered to demand his resignation and a new general election."

Yesterday Bersih Rally was a peaceful journey for all Malaysians except the firecrackers incident. I am glad that the culprit has been caught and this time everyone is safe!! Below are a series of photos taken during my trip to Masjid Jamek and Dataran Merdeka from Bukit Jalil LRT Station. Since the Merdeka celebration has been moved to Bukit Jalil, you can see the crowd coming in to celebrate Merdeka. After comparing the crowds, they came for different purpose.

At Bukit Jalil, they were there mostly with families to celebrate Merdeka day with live music and fireworks at 12am; At Dataran Merdeka, people were there to hope for a clean election, freedom of speech to voice out dissatisfaction and of course a better government and future for the children.

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I started my journey from Bukit Jalil. Both Radio and TV was announcing the speech by Malaysia's PM Najib Razak.That would explain why your TV1, TV2, TV3 all showing the same thing. For now I won't explain much on the photos below, hope you could understand the photo stories anyway.

Took the LRT at Bukit Jalil to Masjid Jamek station

I was not the only one heading to Masjid Jamek

Speaker giving patriotic speech while being surrounded by a crowd

Response of a person to the #Bersih4 speech

Two guys wearing Bersih4 head band. Another two guys recording their speech behind

Vuvuzela vendor making living at Bersih Rally 4

The crowd of Bersih Rally outside Burger King @ Masjid Jamek

Banners about Prime Minister and the RM2.6 billion at Bersih Rally

Tian Chua appeared in the crowd, people taking selfie with him

It was a peaceful night although the place was packed

A man taking selfie with TianChua

TianChua mentioning only his turn to give speech after him

TianChua and TianChad. Please don't mix us up ;p

Cigarette break

Politician giving speech on top of the truck

Stranger helping a couple taking photo to remember today

People listening to the speech


"Come big WIND, my windmill SPIN, Spin out dirty BN, and the PEOPLE WIN"

All kinds of expression in one single photo

Uncle with a vuvuzela showing support 

Letak Jawatan

Volunteer taking care of the moving traffic at Masjid Jamek

Metro bus passing through the crowd with volunteer's help

A volunteer taking care of the moving traffic at Masjid Jamek

A lady with banner urging resignation of PM

A man holding his partner's hand to move across the crowd

Crowded every where at Masjid Jamek to Dataran Merdeka

For safety, stop blowing vuvu. Thank you

Leaving note and message to Bersih volunteers and suppporter

Leaving note and message to Bersih volunteers and suppporter

Lim Kit Siang was spotted among the crowd and people taking photos of him

A group of man who was resting at the roadside posed for a group photo

Message on Bersih T-Shirt

A good looking man with Malaysia flag

TianChua giving speech at Bersih Rally

"This is not Haram, Lying and Stealing is Haram; Dear Najib, this is what democracy looks like."

Flashlights from mobile phone when the crowd sing along

Waving of Malaysia flag at Masjid Jamek during Merdeka Eve 2015

A group of artists weaving Malaysia Map using Bersih T-Shirt donated by people

Medical Team spotted at Bersih Rally

"I love Malaysia. Tomorrow will be better"

A photo with the girl who asked if I want to leave a message on the cloth piece for the Malaysia Map

A person was too tired and resting beside the Malaysia Map work in progress

An aunty with her daughter and friends preparing materials for the Malaysia Map which made of worn Bersih T-Shirt

A grandpa with his grandchildren with message on the shirt

Vending machines running out of stocks

People queuing up to purchase LRT tickets

A man making call while LRT just arrived

Crowd of people with yellow shirts waiting LRT at Masjid Jamek Station

A man taking photos of the crowd from Masjid Jamek LRT Station

Bigger crowd spotted at Dataran Merdeka 30.8.2015 when the LRT passed by

Making my way back to Masjid Jamek to capture the crowd that I saw from the LRT

The Yellow Sea at Bersih Rally @ Dataran Merdeka - 30.8.2015 11.30pm

A man checking on his phone while on his way back

Bersih4 consisted of people from different ages

A totally different scenario at Bukit Jalil's Merdeka Celebration. I was easily blend into the crowd although I might be the only Chinese in there. But I can assure you guys that they are definitely friendly and came here for the same reason - the Celebration of Malaysia with live music and fun.

My bulky camera somehow accidentally hit somebody and I quickly apologized, the strangers replied "Okay bang, tak apa" with a smile. That's the moment I feel this is 1Malaysia.

Some party say #Bersih4.0 is a rally by dissatisfied Chinese only. I have no doubt seeing more than 50% of chinese during the Bersih Rally, but I do see people from different culture and ethnic who made their way to this place too. I might be wrong as I couldn't see the overall scene throughout the day. 

But here's one thing I would like to say -  Most of our main media publication and broadcast were somehow being controlled by the government. Sometimes they can only show what they are allowed to show to Malaysian and people with limited access to other media channel (eg. Facebook /Twitter live update), this is definitely harmful to people's mind.

Don't just depends on one single source reading/listen to what they want to tell you, explore more different media channels and start analyze all the different information that you have received. I never say I am 100% supporting Bersih Rally, but I do have a dream to live in a country with happier citizen nationwide. Malaysia is my home, my beloved country.

Live music performance at Bukit Jalil after Merdeka and Fireworks countdown

Faizal Tahir singing "Assalamualaikum"

The crowd at Bukit Jalil Merdeka countdown

"Happy 58th Merdeka Malaysia "
Let me know what's your opinion on Bersih4. I hope you have an idea of what I saw at Masjid Jamek, Dataran Merdeka and Bukit Jalil. Thanks for sharing!

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