[Updates] My Lenovo Project:RE - Discover the City of KL

I have been using the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows for weeks and I gotta say is this tablet has its unique way to stand with the kickstand on the side. It definitely has the features of how Yogis practice their yoga too, flexible in changing positions for different benefits.

Today I would like to share on the little things that I used to research for my Project:RE in Discovering the City of KL. To me, this Lenovo tablet is like an affordable mini PC that you can strip away the keyboard and yet still can use the full function of Windows 8 OS to do many things.

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You can hang your Lenovo Yoga Tablet at anywhere as long as there is a hook
On a side note, I find this tablet's Hang Feature will be useful especially for people who are preparing food in the kitchen. The chef can hang the device on the wall and refer to the recipe on the tablet without the need to worry the tablet from getting dirty. Oh, you can even watch Cooking TV show. I've been using it to watch "康熙来了", a Taiwan Talk Show and the audio is impressively good. (all thanks to the front facing stereo speakers with Wolfson Master HiFi audio processing and Dolby surround sound )

Windows Maps Application on Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows
So far I've spotted a few potential locations that I would visit in KL and the 10" huge screen does let me see more details through the Windows Maps Apps. One of my secret locations is in this map, can you guess where is it?

Checking the weather forecast for my upcoming trip
Since I am going to visit mostly outdoor locations, the weather forecast is very important to assist me in planning my trip. It is important for photographers like me who want to capture good outdoor lighting too. Here's a tip for you, if you want to have good scenery photos, try capturing them during sunrise/sunset golden hours. There's always something amazing during these golden hours as your picture will turn out nicely with the beautiful view of the city.

Checking out the photos posted on social media to see how the place looks like
Since I haven't visited that place before, searching for photos on social media is a quick and brilliant way to know the current condition of that place that you are planning to visit. You might able to find interesting things that you can see in that place and challenge yourself to take better photographs there. The above picture is me searching related Instagram photos with specific hashtags on Iconosquare website. With that you have a glimpse of what you can see in that place.

My travelling partner for now: Evil Minion
Likewise, Evil Minion will be my travel companion when we explore the KL City together. If you have a hidden gem like beautiful location for photoshoot, delicious street foods that you want to share with people around the world. Do email me and we can do something together =D As long as it is in the City of Kuala Lumpur.

Now I shall keep the best of my Project:RE outcome in my next post, do expect more photos in it!! Hopefully I can capture some interesting photos that will inspire you to pay a visit soon!

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