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Tiger Graffiti at Rabbit Hole Changkat Bukit Bintang - by Kenji Chai
Tiger Graffiti at Rabbit Hole Changkat Bukit Bintang - by Kenji Chai
Not sure since when most of the parents have this typical concept: If you want to be success in a career, become an engineer, doctor or even a dentist to have a bright future. Don't ever get yourself involved with something related to art and music because you will have NO future with it. If you are in an Asian family, this concept somehow stay stronger in your family. 

Since I was young, my primary school teacher will ask me what is my ambition yearly. One time I say I want be a policeman, next year I say I want to be a firefighter. Honestly, I don't know what I wanted to be when I was at that age and it always change. 

As a person graduated with a science degree - Biotechnology, I thought I was going to do something great with it but I lose interest in it after the constant same work in the lab. I like to explore the outside world which is so big and different. There is so much more for you to figure out in this world. Thankfully I started a blog by following what my friend did ages ago. My friend has stopped blogging but I am now still doing it. I did not just blogging, but also found the love of capturing precious moments using the right camera device, which now formed a photography company called Sky Arts Production

Quitting my stable 9-5 laboratory work was the first moment I uncaged myself to an unknown future. I didn't know what blogging would leads me to but it has been fruitful and amazing on what had happened to my life so far. Of course, there are barriers and problems that you need to encounter during that process but that's what life's about. 

There is never too late to start doing something that inspire you and makes you happy. Instead of feeling regret on what you didn't do, I would rather feeling regret on what I did but in the end I get to achieve my dream. At least I have tried and made through so much to reach what I am today. I don't wanna look back at myself when I am dying and say, "How come I didn't try and find something that I like at that age?" 

Below are some videos about inspiring people who uncaged themselves to pursue their dream. 

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Merdekarya is a place for local musicians and artists to express themselves while getting the support from friends or even strangers who are new to this place. I personally think that Malaysia have so many hidden talent with golden voice and I always want to find out more of these talented people. 

To all local musicians, I have always wanted to feature local licence free music on my YouTube Channel for vlogs. Credits and exposure will be given in the video description box. Do send me an email and we shall collaboration from time to time!!

Sometimes I have a series of photos that I would like to do a slideshow but I just can't find the right music for it. Maybe yours suit me at the right time =D 

UNCAGE: 321 Studio

321 Studio, by Andrew T Crum. An entrepreneur of creative activities who gathered artists at one place to create great thing together. Through this video Andrew taught us that we all have one voice within ourselves and remember to live your life.

There are certain graffiti and arts that I am fond of and I can see that more talents on this area has been appreciated by people and brands by working together to create an unique art piece. You can see there are some restaurant/places with unique wall arts that has give a new life and meaning to that place. As long you have something in mind, go create. Better to create as a team for better results =)


"Mutha Puaka" which easily rhymes as something else, is a catchy phrase that catch people attention. Mutha Puaka, founded by Eddy and Brian, is a custom motorcycle collective, which defies stereotypes and challenges conformity. Their motto is about having fun and not taking life too seriously. The success of them uncaging themselves is through having support from friends with the same interest and eventually enjoy their life with unique motorcycle together. 

"Adventure into an unknown place, to figure out the beauty within it"
"Adventure into an unknown place, to figure out the beauty within it"

All three videos above is about people who uncaged themselves with the hobby/passion that they wanted to pursue in life. To have a good life it doesn't means you must earn big money with your dull fulltime job, but to enjoy the moment and love doing what you do. For me, I love to explore different places in this world and share it through my photos. I want to share with people what I saw and moments that might just happen for once in a lifetime. Maybe that's why I like to photograph wedding actual day which is challenging every time when I shoot. The smile, the laugh, and even the cry of family members reluctant to leave each other. These moments are really precious when you look back in time.

I don't get money from everything I do but it is the feedback and continuous support from people who appreciate your artworks that keep you going. I would like to take this chance to thanks my family, friends and you guys who keep me going and doing what I love =)

Right now, I am in the midst of uncaging myself even more by planning to have a photography/video related project together with like minded people around the world. I don't have the exact idea yet but perhaps we can travel together, discover new places together and share the stories through our visual output (photo/video), it would be really fun and exciting!! Looking forward for more brave "tiger" who are willing to uncage themselves for a journey together =D

For more inspiring UNCAGE video, drop by this YouTube Channel. *rawr~*

"This post has been sponsored by Tiger Beer, but all thoughts and opinions are my own."

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