11 Attractions in District 21 @ IOI CITY MALL #IOICityMall #District21

11 Attractions in District 21 @ IOI CITY MALL Putrajaya

11 Attractions in District 21 @ IOI CITY MALL

Been to IOI City Mall and still wondering what is District 21?? District 21 is an Active Leisure Park located in a 70,000 sq.ft. indoor atrium inside IOI City Mall Putrajaya. Not only District 21 is a themed family entertainment centre (FEC) where all attractions are based on active participation you can definitely be the guardian or join the adventure together and engage more with your childrens.

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Space-ship themed entrance to District 21 Theme Park @ IOI City Mall
Space-ship themed entrance to District 21 Theme Park @ IOI City Mall

District 21 has this recycled and repaired environment where the deconstructed interior has intestinally exposed all M&E works visible. Material that was not recycled had been been rendered to appear weather and aged. The walls of the lobby are graffiti bombed provided a stark contrast to the clean new finishings of the mall concourse. The resulting look gives the impression of a once abandoned building that’s been left in a ruin.

After looking at the recent photos people posting up, it seems like District 21 will be a fun place to hang out with friends and definitely good for team building. Below are the eleven attractions mentioned in the video and hopefully there are some things that attracted you. If your children are interested to play but you just wanna look at the side, you don't need to pay full price to be around your children. Now lets see what's available inside District 21 @ IOI City Mall first before I share bout ticketing info:

Incorporating 11 adventure attractions, many of which have never been seen in Asia. District21 offers activities for all visitors to get you climbing, jumping, riding, sliding and flying. The 11 adventure attractions including Wall climbing, Roller glider, Go Pedal, Pump Track, Low Ropes, Trampoline, The Maze, Free fall ( buggy jumping), Sky Trail, Tubby Ride and Carousel. 

Before accessing the park, all visitors must pass through a decontamination chamber. This 2-stage process is aimed to provide all park users a safety briefing and glimpse the story behind District21. You will be given a pair of District 21 socks and glove to protect yourself during the adventure.

District 21 Attraction Overview:
The 11 attractions available in District 21 @ IOI City Mall range from established products such as the High Ropes course, interactive climbing (Power Station), Launch Pad (Trampoline), Tubby Ride, Free Fall, to unique bespoke attractions like the Floating Maze, Pump track, Go Pedal and the world’s first – The Roller Glider.

Wall Climbing/Power Station @ District 21
Wall Climbing/Power Station @ District 21

1. Wall Climbing/Power Station @ District 21

There will be seven types of wall for you to climb and each of them has different level of difficulty. All climbing walls are equipped with auto belays for increased safety. Many of the wall are interactive and require problem solving skill as part of the challenge. Safety flooring is provided throughout the climbing area for additional safety.

Good if you want to train your leg and shoulder muscle. Do note that it is more important to climb the wall using your leg energy instead of just forelimbs. This can safe you lots of energy.

Roller Glider @ District 21
Roller Glider @ District 21

2. Roller Glider @ District 21

The Roller Glider is a world first attraction, a mix of zip line and coaster. Instead of zipping down a cable thetrolley runs along a pipe allowing the closed loop course to take curves. This way the riders enjoy additional G-Forces of a coaster with the thrill of a zip line.

Below is a video of people playing the Roller Glider. Seems fun and I really wanna try this!!
Video credit to Deivanai Thayagarajan

Go Pedal @ District 21
Go Pedal @ District 21

3. Go Pedal @ District 21

Human-powered karts that add fun elements to the Go Kart Experience. The 100m track offers you chance to test your speed and skill. With different size of pedal carts race can be divided by group

4. Pump Track @ District 21

A pump track is an undulating ourse of bumps, jumps, and berms designed to allow you to ride continuously without pedalling. Riders can choose their preference including bike, scooter or skateboard. Helmets, knee and elbow pads will be worn by all riders to ensure safety.

Low Ropes @ District 21
Low Ropes @ District 21

5. Low Ropes @ District 21
Low Ropes is a scaled down version of the Sky Trail, they are designed specifically for younger park visitors. The continuous belay system allow kids to navigate the 7 element course without need to detach from the safety equipments.

Trampoline/Launch Pad @ District 21
Trampoline/Launch Pad @ District 21

6. Trampoline/Launch Pad @ District 21

Launch Pad is the right place for you to play, jump and practice your slam dunk skill on the large trampoline field. It is suitable for all ages and this is very fun to do when you jumping around and do the ninja moves

The Maze @ District 21
The Maze @ District 21

The Maze @ District 21

7. The Maze @ District 21

The maze is a series of place where you need to navigate through a vertical labyrinth of tunnels, cages and funky challenges. The maze is located 10m above ground so it will be challenging and fun. This maze is completely enclosed thus removing the hardness will be required. A scaled down ersion is also available for younger kids.

8. Free Fall @ District 21

A free fall jump platform that provides you a simulation experience comparable to a parachute jump out of an airplane. Based on the video footage I saw, it is not as fast as bungy jump so you can definitely start form here if you are scare of height. Just imagine you are the ninja warriors in Hong Kong TV dramas jumping on the rooftop.

Sky Trail @ District 21
Sky Trail @ District 21
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9. Sky Trail @ District 21
Sky Trail is by far the largest indoor rope challenge course in Malaysia. This challenge offers 23 elements of varying difficulty in a layer course enabling patrons to choose their level of challenge. This is much challenging that Free Fall I guess.

Tubby Ride @ District 21
Tubby Ride @ District 21

10. Tubby Ride @ District 21
Tubby Ride has a special surface that patrons will able to experience the same sensation like sliding down a snow bank on an inner tube. The tubes can be used individually, double or in a convoy. So far I saw quite a lot videos on Instagram. Seems fun.

Tubby Ride @ District 21

Carousel @ District 21
Carousel @ District 21

11. Carousel @ District 21
This 24 seaters carousel is built with wide array of animal figures. Not only horses, but also wild animals like tiger, deer, sled and many more. According to a visitor it is RM5 per ride.

Interesting structure inside District 21 @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya
Interesting structure inside District 21 @ IOI City Mall, Putrajaya
District 21 Indoor Theme Park Admission Fees & Price:

Entry price for adult to District 21 is RM75/entry. If you’re parents or guardian who just want to look at children playing, the price is RM15/entry. Like Icescape Ice Rink, there will be different prices during peak/off-peak hours. For kids that are not higher than 90cm, they will able to play for free.

[Update: Current District 21 is having Opening Promo selling ticket at RM55 instead of RM75.  Not only that, they are now having Buy 3 Free 1 Family Package (RM165). Suitable for 2 adults with 2 kids or 3 adults with a kid. Grab this chance to save the money for lunch/dinner @ IOI Mall yo]

District 21 opening hour: 
10am to 10pm daily

For latest information about District 21 Adventurous Indoor Theme Park, do visit District 21 Facebook Page. It seems like they are having a "Name and Brag" contest giving away District 21 premiums and ticket passes by giving name to a Cyborg. Go ahead and join to win passes for two. You can easily save RM150 if you win their contest.

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Photos and videos credit to the original owners who went to District 21 @ IOI City Mall

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