[Portrait] Nikolay Bakeev + Vita Silkaityte @ Suria KLCC

Nikolay Bakeev + Vita Silkaityte @ Suria KLCC

The other day after I've finish taking self-portrait together with the gorgeous Petronas Twin Towers, I was walking around KLCC and spotted this gorgeous couple on the street taking a break. The moment I saw them I was like, okay I must make myself capture some of their lovely photos no matter how. I've learned that to create nice street photography/photos, it is to brave yourself and talk to strangers so that they can show interaction between you (your camera) and your subject. With that, your photo will definitely looks better with soul and connection.

So yeah, I go ahead and introduced myself (luckily I brought my name card) and they are more than happy to have their photos captured and in return I send photos to them =) Now just check out the photos below and let me know if you like it the way I like it too.

[Portrait] Nikolay Bakeev + Vita Silkaityte @ Suria KLCC
At first they were wearing their sunglasses and Nikolay showed us his charming smile. Little did I know that both Nikolay and Vita are professional models that they made my 3 minutes street photoshoot so much easier =) Since Vita was so cool, I politely asked Nikolay to tone down his smile a bit and without the sunglasses, it reveals their beautiful eyes and looking straight to the camera.

[Portrait] Nikolay Bakeev + Vita Silkaityte @ Suria KLCC

[Portrait] Nikolay Bakeev + Vita Silkaityte @ Suria KLCC
Monochrome couple outfit on Nikolay and Vita. Taking photos of them reminds me The Sartorialist who inspired me in certain ways. The way he capture people on the street with their own unique fashion sense is just so interesting to look at =)

Since I love to capture something even more for couple, without hesitation I asked if they can show some love and they just kiss each other with full of passion. You will know what I meant in series of photos below. I feel happy when I am able to capture something intimate and about love. Maybe that's why I love to shoot wedding actual day although I know it is not an easy job.

[Portrait] Nikolay Bakeev + Vita Silkaityte @ Suria KLCC

[Portrait] Nikolay Bakeev + Vita Silkaityte @ Suria KLCC
So here's what happened in just 3 minutes and I am glad that I went ahead and spoke to this gorgeous couple. If you guys saw a lovely person/couple on the street, do go and say hi if you think they are adorable together and get some beautiful shots for them. Sometimes people might turn down your kind offer but you don't lose anything by just asking right? Just make sure you can provide them the photos that you've captured as a gift and I am sure they will be more than happy with it.

If you think they are gorgeous, do feel free to follow them on Instagram @nikolay89 and @vitasilkaityte. If you think I can capture your precious moments together, check out my Facebook Page -Sky Arts Production or email me and book a photoshoot.

I hope that one day I will able to travel around with my love one and capture precious moments for family and lovers all around the world!! Take care and share some love~

Above photos were captured using Samsung NX30 and 45mm lens.

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