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Some of the gadgets that I have but all need internet to be helpful
Here are some of the gadgets that I have but all need internet to become helpful
Since I got my first smartphone, I've start using data plan on it as I need mobile internet for email, Facebook, Twitter and of course Instagram!! I try to post at least once on Instagram/day. But sometimes it is not enough as now I have tablets and other gadgets that need WiFi to function well. [You do know that smartphone is not smart any more if they can't connect to the internet right?] What's more when you have so many gadget to use at the same time!! #justkidding I don't use all of it at the same time, maybe just 2-3 at one time.? Haha!! *one for work, one for game on tablet and one for cousin to play another game!!*

Free WiFi at cafe like Starbucks sometimes doesn't work well
Free WiFi at cafe like Starbucks sometimes doesn't work well
I am not sure about you guys but I find it frustrated to find 'Free' WiFi from the cafe/restaurant I visit. Sometimes their WiFi has become wonky and I can't surf the internet even if I manage to log in (even if we have watch their advertisement again and again...); If I share my smartphone's data plan with my tablet, my smartphone will run out battery pretty fast. I won't do tethering unless it is emergency.

I like to do photo live update on event that I am covering
I've always shoot photos using my DSLR and then I transfer it to my smartphone for event live update through Instagram. Most of the time the venue is crowded with people and so is my data plan. I find it really hard to upload any photos as other people are using the internet as well. Just imagine 10,000 people using the same internet channel. Of course it is slow ... =(

This is the time I find Portable WiFi Hotspot device will be good for me, something like the Yes4G Huddle XS. The good thing about having a portable WiFi Hotspot device is that you don't need to switch to other connection when you move from one place to another. Just imagine after you visited Starbucks then you go to Snowflakes for desserts and you don't need to find and login again for the in-restaurant WiFi. I believe using the Huddle XS can definitely ease my life.

The Huddle XS - Yes4G
The Huddle XS - Yes4G

The Huddle XS is a personal mobile WiFi hotspot device – a MiFi gadget that provides a WiFi connection to your smartphones, laptops or computers so that you can easily enjoy mobile Yes 4G internet anytime, anywhere. It provide fast WiFi Internet connection of up to 20Mbps and unlimited data for postpaid (throttled speed after quota exhausted) users.

Do you know that mobile internet tethering can be expensive if your data plan has a surcharge on it? Glad that Yes4G don't have this issue and you are free to share the internet with anyone!
The Huddle XS is quite small but powerful. This compact, lightweight and ultraportable device can provides us a seamless access to Yes 4G internet while on the move. Good things is it weighing only 56g and fits in a palm, it can be slipped into pocket/bag with ease. I have so many mobile gadgets with me already but this tiny and helpful Huddle XS should never be missed as part of my daily travel tool.

The Huddle XS - Provide fast WiFi Internet connection up to 20 Mbps and with 6 hours battery life
The Huddle XS - Provide fast WiFi Internet connection up to 20 Mbps and with 6 hours battery life

Another good reason to use The Huddle XS is that I can share the 4G internet with up to five users or devices at a time. That means I don't need to tether my smartphone's internet all the time or spend more money for my internet plans for my tablet.  I don't mind to be a helpful friend who can provide you some free WiFi. Especially family and friends. Imagine I switch on the WiFi Hotspot with the name "TianChad.com" it is like a mobile advertising board when I move around haha.

Yes4G has pretty good coverage in Malaysia including the major highways so I can stay connected at all times. Other than that, Yes4G's nationwide is not just covering pockets of areas. Therefore, I won’t have to go through lagging or disrupted internet connection even when I am travelling in a car.

The Huddle XS is now retails at RM480 but if you subscribe to Yes Super postpaid plan today , you get the Huddle XS for FREE! Plus if you sign up between 2nd January and 31st March 2014 you can stand a chance to win any one of the 90 tablets. Tablets up for grabs include Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0”, Lenovo Tablet A1000, and Asus Memo Pad HD 7

All you need to do is log on to www.yes.my/90tabletsgiveaway, answer a simple survey question and win!! So guys, better grab this chance to take part in the giveaway while enjoy the fast internet anywhere you go =D

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