My Journey to SK Malinsau, Ranau with Astro Kasih: "Bulih Bah Kalau Kau"

"Bulih Bah Kalau Kau" - Jom terbang!

"Bulih Bah Kalau Kau", the phrase that I learned and understand until I reached Sabah. It actually means, "If for you no problem lah" *Malaysian Slang*.  Last year November I was given an opportunity to travel to SK Malinsau, Ranau in Sabah to understand the obstacles that student were facing in their study life and how Astro Kasih contributed in helping them.

A very long bridge that assist you to cross over the river to SK Malinsau in Ranau

After been there, I realised that I am a very lucky person that have parents to fetch me to school without needs to waking up early in the morning and walk a few kilometers everyday to school. It was really hard to go to school for the kids in SK Malinsau although they have a hostel which is already very packed.

I was there to document the journey and I am glad that Astro Kasih has did a great job in providing the student a better environment for their study life. Let's have a look at their old hostel at SK Malinsau.

This old hostel was packed with more than 50 students in one room.
Since it was school holiday, students has all went back to their house located far away from here. As you can see above, this was the hostel that usually fit more students than it should. Just imagine that 50 students packed inside this hostel and they don't even have space to do revision at night.

The sharing toilet right beside the hostel
Above was their current toilet and shower facilities right beside the hostel. When I was there, the new and toilet which is still under construction looks much better and I believe students won't need to queue for their turn in future.

Azlan and Akmal being interviewed regarding their current school situation

Astro Kasih Hostel at SK Malinsau, Ranau, Sabah

Azlan usually leave for school as early as 4am on foot. Yeah, he walked to school every morning with friends in the dark. Remember last time, I will still sleeping soundly on my bed at 4am and only need to wake up and go to school only at 6.30am. My parents will fetch me to school some more! How blessed I am!!

Parents being interviewed regarding SK Malinsau previous hostel condition
Their parents do worried about the safety of their children as they walked in the dark and who knows they might bump into dangerous beast along the way. *imagine tiger/crocodile came out to attack the students*

Astro Kasih Volunteers preparing their lunch during the break time
I met quite a lot Astro Kasih Volunteers who were there to help build and renew the facilities in SK Malinsau. Some of them were building vegetable farm, barn and hostel area. They were assisted by the Malaysian Armed Forces in levelling the ground and constructing the hostel.

After checking out the old hostel, I am really happy to see the new hostel that is now ready for the students of SK Malinsau. It is much more spacious and well equipped with proper lighting and fans. I believe with this new hostel and environment, student can eventually study easier and achieve better academic results in their UPSR.
A view of the male hostel. New bed frame and spacious room to accommodate more students

Three new buildings include two hostel (for boys and girls) and a multi-purpose hall @ SK Malinsau Ranau.

Md. Shafiq @ Juhilin Majin (Penolong Kanan 1), Mohd Suzailie (Setiausaha Peperiksaan Sekolah) and Galbert Guntas Luntuken (Ketua Warden Sekolah) at at new hostel building in SK Malinsau.

Bird-view of the new buildings for SK Malinsau in Ranau, Sabah.

This hostel project is actually part of Astro's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme which has four main pillars – Life-long Learning, Sports and Wellness, Community Development and Environment. The Astro Kasih employee volunteer programme was launched in August 2009.

This Astro Kasih hostel project was initiated and in 2011, the first Astro Kasih hostel was built at SK Magandai, Kota Marudu, Sabah, another one was built the following year at SK Sungai Paku, Kapit, Sarawak. SK Malinsau, the third Astro Kasih Hostel is now completed at the end of last year.

The other two schools where Astro Kasih hostels were built also recorded a marked improvement in student performance. SK Magandai is ranked top among 33 primary schools in the Kota Marudu district. For the first time, it recorded a 100% pass rate in Maths and English last year.

Astro Kasih Volunteers building the vegetable farms in school compound
There is actually another phase in Astro Kasih project, it is called the Astro Kasih Eco Village, there will be facilities and places available to rear chicken and fish. Astro volunteers woke up early at 6am, and worked through the day, stopping only for meal breaks. There were Astro Kasih volunteers who work together with some villagers to build the chicken farm.

Astro Kasih volunteers helping out in building the chicken barn as part of the Astro Kasih Eco Village

All I can say is all these are not easy job 

Azlan and Akmal right in front of their new hostel at SK Malinsau, Ranau.
I believe now all students of SK Malinsau can look forward to school as they don't have to worry about waking up at 3am and walking in the dark to school. Now they just need to concentrate on their studies and get flying colours in their examinations.

I feel grateful that I was born in a place where education is far way easier than students in SK Malinsau. I am glad that Astro Kasih has these CSR project in helping the students in rural area too. Hopefully I will able to contribute more to the society and you guys who reading this post. It is you who makes me continue going =) Thanks!!

To find out more about Astro’s CSR initiatives check out the FB page:

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