Astro 马力 MaLi White Horse as CNY Gift #ongmali

Astro “马力全开庆丰年,一路有你梦飞扬”
Last week I received a CNY gift from Tesco Malaysia and it is a pair of cute soft toy named MaLi (马力). I've blogged about it (in Chinese) before - Astro马力全开庆丰年,一路有你梦飞扬 - 欢迎可爱"马力"!! I believe most of you guys who are Tesco's usual customer have seen it but I am gonna show you again and share with you what I think about the cute MaLi and its packaging.

I've actually seen the white horse soft toy during the launch of Astro 2014 CNY album. It was really cute and puffy to hold. I personally think that Mali has a very simple design yet with meaningful design. MaLi has tiny little dot as its eyes, a wing-shape tail and 3 different color flags at the butt/neck area.

Now let's check out the packaging of Astro MaLi:

Astro Mali 2-in-1 Gift Pack available in Tesco Hypermarket @ RM59.90
I actually didn't really noticed the Astro MaLi in Tesco as they were "hidden" inside a very traditional gift box. I am not sure about you, but if I see the packaging like that, I will surely open the box and check out how's the quality of the soft toy in detail. This eventually will ruin the box if the person decided not to buy.

How I wish the box changed to a different quality and partially-transparent so that people can easily see the design of MaLi without need to open the box (or even the plastic bag to protect the fair and white look).  I personally think that the price tag and exclusive Tesco word-lable is a bit too large, which affect the overall box design. Now let's check out the little MaLi below:

Small MaLi in the Astro MaLi Gift Pack - Tiny dot as eye and colorful flags on its neck.

Check out the flag-like sewing on small MaLi

The cutest part of MaLi is non other than its wing-like tail
My most favourite design about MaLi is the wing shape tail which kinda represent something like "With MaLi you can achieve your dream as fast as you fly and hopping in the air"

Big MaLi has the color flag on its butt instead

Big MaLi has sticking out flags attached at  its waist area instead

The main different between BIG and SMALL Mali (beside their size) is the location of the flags. I personally think that if the MaLi soft toy has softer and smoother fur, it can capture more people's heart. I can always feel that something is poking out at certain area of the soft toy and it was the filing that the manufacturer use to stuff MaLi protrude out from MaLi's skin. 

If you want me to buy a cute plush toy like this, the first thing I will go for is their design and then I will touch it and feel whether comfortable or not. Another thing to concern is the color they use as white color easily get dirty. (I think I have the heart of a housewife who always do clean-up, which I don't haha)

Astro 马力 Mali 2-in-1 Gift Pack available in Tesco Hypermarket @ RM59.90
Now come to the price tag, will you pay RM59.90 for a pair of white horse? If there is was a series of cute cartoon featuring MaLi I am sure it will grab my hearts even more. I will buy it for collection, but Tesco already gave me a pair, so I won't buy now la haha~ Maybe little Mali will be my little travel companion in future trip!!

Now, let me hear what do you think about MaLi, do you think it is cute? Thanks again to Tesco Malaysia for this cute CNY gift~ OngMali OngMali!!

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