Sarojini Nagar Market @ Incredible India. Happy Ending!

All right, finally this is my last post for my 8 Days 5 Nights trip to India (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur). I was a bit reluctant  to leave as there are so much thing to discover at this huge place! I am really inspired by the people especially culture at here. Feel free to read or just enjoy the photos in my previous India post:

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
A clever holy cow who using the zebra crossing line
Early in the morning, we left Fortune Bella Casa Hotel in our tour bus and our happy tour guide (Lee) showed us some photos that was taken 50 years ago. Well, it is just a photo that was purposely printed in the antique black and white photo that makes your photo looks really old/back to the future wtf

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Lee's 'grandfather' picture

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Only in India, transport are fully used to fetch as much people as they can. Just like their train

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
A pit stop at Hotel Triputi for tea break

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Check out the number of air-conditioner installed in one same hall!

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Delicious Indian fried vegetables. I like their fried onions the most

Sarojini Nagar Market
Sarojini Nagar is a neighbourhood in South West Delhi district of Delhi, India. The area is one of the most developed and cleanest areas in Delhi and is popular because of its market. It was one of the sites of the 29 October 2005 Delhi bombings. 

We had 1 and a half hour stop at Sarojini Nagar Market for last minute shopping and as usual I choose to explore the market and looking for interesting portraits to be captured.

An old lady selling pumpkins and mangoes; Fruit juice stall; Selling handkerchief

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Ahuja Medicos
150, Sarojini Nagar market, New Delhi-23

While walking alone I found this shop that selling Himalaya stuff and straight away I went inside to buy lip-balms for the ladies. Ahuja Medicos is selling all kind of stuff including medicines, cosmetics, baby foods, surgical goods, optical items, glucometer, B.P. Instruments and nebulizers. According to the boss, he got provide oversea delivery services too. Feel free to contact him at ahujamedicos[at]

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Chinese god statues available at Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
An old woman in earth color sarees

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Travel buddy looking for the right saree to bring back to Malaysia. Bargain skill is a must

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Local lady who willing to donate

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Chatime in one of the tall building nearby Sarojini Nagar Market
I was surprised to see Chatime is available at this place. The price is cheaper if compared with Chatime Malaysia but of course the cup is smaller as well.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Really surprised when the super friendly local hugged me when I asked for a picture to feature this market
Usually local people who approached me will be trying to sell me stuff but I met someone different. The guy in above picture came to me together with few other friends, greeted me and asked us where we came from and so on. It was just a simple chit-chat and they just wanna know more about what was happening at the other side of the world. In the end I decided to take photo with one of the friendly local so that I remember this moments. I was really surprised when he hugged me. After remember that I saw guys in India used to hold hands together while walking on street, I believe #bromance is consider normal in India?

This is definitely one of the unique experience that I got through this trip to India.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
The Asia Kitchen - Serving Asia foods
As the mentioned name for this restaurant, The Asia Kitchen was serving Asian food for us before we flying back to India. Well the food looks Asian but their taste is still different from what we have in Malaysia. Malaysia's local food is unbeatable!!

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
A picture with two happy married couple that travel together along this trip =D
*my travel buddy has went to find his new girl friends haha*

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Chinese dumpling at The Asia Kitchen

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
According to our tour-guide Alphonso Mango is the most delicioust mango in India
Didn't buy it as it can't pass customs security
Pekoe Tips Tea was established in 1991. From its inception, the company has focused on developing an exclusive range of gift packs of Indian Teas. Selected from the finest crops of the season, speciality Darjeeling Tea, Assam Tea and Nilgiri Tea are packed in exquisite creations of master craftsmen of India. 

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
The uncle at Pekoe Tips Tea explaining to us which kind of tea leaves came from which part of India
Another place that we visited right before we went to the airport - Pekoe Tips Tea. This is a truly last place for us to do shopping for Indian spices, numerous kinds of tea leaves at one same place, Indian spices, incense and essential oils. The uncle shown on picture above has a son who can speak fluent Chinese!! He was graduated from Bei Jing University yo!! Recorded a short video of him using fluent Chinese to explain to us about the product.

If you want to get good tea leaves and Indian products, do consider Pekoe Tips Tea =)

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |

17, Vasant Place shopping Complex ,
Sector 6, R. K. Puram,
New Delhi - 110022, (INDIA)

Indira Gandhi International Airport
A place where we met our awesome tour-guide and the awesome man who serve us mineral water along the whole trip. Time passed quicly and it is time to say bye bye... Good thing is, we can still keep in touch through Facebook! Thansk to the trendy tour-guide Lee. =D

Group photo with awesome tour-guide and helper for this India trip!

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Very strict airport security while we were heading back
As usual, security was everywhere at the hotel, shopping mall and especially airport. They will assure you that you are safe to enter this place without any excuses. After went into the airport, we all repack our stuff so that we can fit in all our last-minute-shopping-goodies.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Delicious Indian flight meal by Singapore Airline
Right after boarded on Singapore Airline, I've actually start missing the food in India especially their fresh and hot baked bread that tasted really great with the dal/curry provided. I was impressed with the Indian meal provided on Singapore Airline as the set meal taste quite good too. Too bad the bread on plane can never beat the one freshly come out from the oven.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
A special sight that you may see right before you land on Singpore

Beautiful air stewardess in Singapore Airline definitely make my travel have a happy ending ++
Changi airport at bottom right

Shopping victories - Lays with India's Masala flavor, Himalaya Lip Balm for dry lips, india's spices and green tea, little souvenir for friends and family hahaha!

My unique experience through India trip
  • Along the whole trip to India, I gotta say that I was surprised to know that they can speak fluent English. At least no language barrier if you want to travel to there =)
  • Driving in India especially during peak hour will makes you crazy with the continuous loud honking on the street.
  • If you want to snap photos of the local especially at tourist spot, they may ask you for tips later
  • Take a jab before you visit India so that you won't get yourself diarrhea and ruin your trip later. I got myself into diarrhea condition although I was very careful with what I ate and drink. Most probably was the ice drink with ice-cubes inside that cause it =S
  • You will never able to see cats on the street of India. However you may see tons of holy cows, donkey, dogs, wild boar, elephant and camels on the street as transportation tool.
  • You smile, I smile. That's the way to greet the local and amazingly it made them react back with smile or even waves as well. That's what I saw and captured along the whole trip.
  • Taj Mahal is a very beautiful place to visit for not just once. If got chance i would like to be there again to do proper timelapse video. That place is just amazingly beautiful.
  • Special experience throughout the whole trip. Sit on elephants up to a Mahal, sit on camels for a short walk around a village
  • It is common to see guys peeing at the roadside no matter where you are. Wait until you see their public toilet =p
  • If compare with some people who stay in India, I feel that I am quite fortunate for having what we have now. A proper house to stay as home, various kind of food to enjoy for the rest of your life besides just breads +++ 

This trip to India taught me to appreciate what we owns now. You can see families who stay at the roadside without proper shade/house and they digging treasure within a pile of rubbish. I really feel gratitude for what I am having now and hopefully in future can do more good and meaningful things to help people around us. 
Thanks again to Senheng Malaysia for having this trip as it really opened my mind throughout the whole journey. Glad to meet all the lucky winners for this trip as well and I hope to see you guys in Senheng's coming trip to China!! i feel thankful for meeting our India's tour-guide as he indirectly taught me a fel good philosophy rules of living:  
Taj Mahal, 2013
"Don't worry be happy"


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