New Google Image killed Photo Story Tellers...What now?

Spot that little sparkle that make this photo looks awesome haha
Ever since Google did the Google-Image-SEO-Killer-Update, I believe many website who mainly share photoshas a major decrease on their traffic. Let see what has the new image search update do to you:
"Google’s January 23 image search update brought high resolution pictures directly within search results, leaving users with little incentive to clickthrough to the sites hosting and licensing the pictures. We analyzed the image search traffic of 87 domains and found a 63% decrease in image search referrals after Google’s new image search UI was released. Publishers that had previously benefited the most from their image optimization efforts suffered the greatest losses after the image search update, experiencing declines nearing 80%.

In the aftermath of the new image search experience, image SEO has been severely compromised, and we have no choice but to recommend deprioritizing image SEO when weighed against other search traffic initiatives." - Read more here

This means that people who create quality images and published on their site will have major traffic decrease because of the new Google Image Search update. Of course this is what happened to me as well...*sad* I am sure not just me alone is affected by this changes.

Ok, So Image Search is (Nearly) Dead. Now What?

"It’s difficult not to consider Google’s image UI change a shameless content grab – one which blatantly hijacks material that has been legitimately licensed by publishers so that Google Image users remain on their site, and are de-incentivized from visiting others.

If you’re an SEO, site owner, product manager, photo editor, developer or designer, the yield from image SEO suddenly looks much less attractive. If Google is going to only send a fraction of the image traffic it used to, there’s considerably less incentive to put in the work involved in optimizing images. Don’t get us wrong: we’re not saying that site owners shouldn’t follow image SEO best practices; what we are saying is that when force-ranking SEO priorities, this new data clearly shows that until Google changes its image UI to be fair to publishers, image SEO should be moved further down the list." - Read more here

How to not get affected by this deadly Google Image Search Update? All I can think of is to express more in words instead of just letting your photos tell the story. Google Image SEO is down, but you still have your writing that will bring back your traffic *slowly*


You may start to share your story through motion pictures (i.e. YouTube) instead and make money through it. Trust me, you won't regret making this changes. Just do something different that can adapt to the environment =) Nowadays, being YouTuber can be a full-time job too. Just like awesome Joseph Germani and DanKhoo. Don't forget about our infamous JinnyBoyTV too, Jin is not doing full-time solely on his YouTube channel but he is also a DJ on too. Well, that's the job that somehow helps him to meet great personalities around the world and make great videos in the mean time =)

If you don't have a YouTube account yet, start one now!

PS: We will never know when Google will change the rules on Google Image/YouTube but just do what you can do now okay? Cheers!

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