Cobra & Elephant Ride @ Amber Fort, Funfair at Chokhi Dhani Village | Incredible India with Senheng [Part 3]

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Pigeons favourite hang out place in front of the building in Jaipur
Before you continue to read this part 3 of my travel to Incredible India, feel free to check out the first 2 blog posts about my India trip! Places where I've been to includes Qutub Tower, India Gate, Jama Mosque, Taj Mahal, City Palace and many more!!  Read below:

[Day 6] An exciting day in Jaipur where we visited Hawa Mahal, enjoyed elephant ride at Amber Fort, had a sneak peek of Lake Palace (Jal Mahal) and an eye opening experience at Chokhi Dhani Village that has many things happening in one same place.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Hawa Mahal under construction during our visit
Besides being able to witness the beautiful Taj Mahal with my own eyes, I consider our India Trip Day 6 was a very adventurous day!! Early in the morning, we were suppose to take a group photo in front of the Hawa Mahal but it was under renovation/construction during our visit. Maybe a repainting job was going on. Therefore we just pass by Hawa Mahal for a photo-stop and straightaway go to Amber Fort.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Green mountain with the camel's favourite plant growing on it

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
A group photo of all 3 coaches in front of Amber Fort
Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Noticed this guy with his not-so-little-cobra
While taking our group photo in front of Amber Fort, I've noticed this guy who blowing the flute to his huge cobra (inside the container). Of course it is a real cobra but I wasn't sure if it will attack the human standing in front. Anyhow, me as the brave one took the chance to take a close up photo of man and his snake. Since everyone live only once, I did a braver thing by taking a photo together with the huge cobra!! I even asked his permission to touch the cobra though. It doesn't feel warm/cold but it is moving looking at the camera.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Here's me with the cobra. It looks fake but IT IS REAL!
I did take a photo for my travel buddy (Lee) as well, I still remember the snake "tsskkk" me when I place my camera a bit too near too it. Of course my friend was frightened (I was frightened too if it emitted poison spit to me)

Of course, after took a photo together with the cobra he wanna charge me Rs100 (RM6) per pictures. In the end I bargained with him and snapped a few pictures + videos (including pictures for my roomate Lee) for Rs200 (RM12). It is still expensive but the experience to be with a living cobra is priceless =)

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
We took the jeep to the entrance where we queue up for elephant rides

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Here's the colorful elephants awaiting us at the entrance.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Fish eye group photo while waiting for our turn
While we were queuing for our elephant rides at Amber Fort, of course there were people who tried to sell us local stuff (umbrella, hats, turban, postcard , wooden elephant sculpture and many many more). I gotta say you need very high level of ignorance to let them know that you are really not interested with their stuff. or else, he will stick to you until you buy something from him. #truestory

PS: The weather was really really hot and I suggest you to bring your own hat to Amber Fort.

--*Click

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
A "Korean" wearing the orange Turban

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
My little-big head can barely fit the turban T.T...

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Each elephant will able to carry two human on it.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Here's part of the scenery you can see while slowly walking up to Amber Fort
Noticed the camera guy in yellow shirt?? He will try to snap your photos and sell it to you later. If you can't find a friend to snap a photo for you, just smile to them and let them take the nicest photos of you and you can purchase them later when you reach the top at Amber Fort. I gotta say they are very efficient in printing all of it and trying to find you again among the crowd. Not sure if they were using wireless transfer to the printer on top of the hill haha

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Our elephant need to take a break
It is normal if you see someone's elephant suddenly stopped on the road as they wanna take a break. Our dear elephant pooped and pee like the pipe water while on the way up hill. I feel sad and find it cruel when the elephant rider used a sharp tool to poke elephant's ear area so that he will continue to move =(

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Traffic jam on the way to amber Fort
Only this time traffic jam are elephants but not cars

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
A happy couple captured during our elephant ride trip
*love their smile*

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Our elephant rider volunteered to help us take a few photos before we reach the destination
*He asked for tips afterwards*
If you are following a tour to amber Fort, your tickets (including tips) has been paid and you are not ought to pay them tips after the ride. However, since my elephant rider was good enough to help me take photo, of course I gave him some tips =S

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Three ladies in front of Amber Fort's corner
"Amber Fort is located in Amer (a town with an area of 4 square kilometres (1.5 sq mi)), 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) from Jaipur, Rajasthan state, India. It is one of the principal tourist attractions in the Jaipur area, located high on a hill. Amber Fort was built by Raja Man Singh I. Amber Fort is known for its artistic style, blending both Hindu and Rajput elements. With its large ramparts, series of gates and cobbled paths, the fort overlooks the Maota Lake, at its forefront.

The Amber Fort was built by ‘Raja Shri Maan Singh JI Saheb’ (Maan Singh I) (December 21, 1550 – July 6, 1614) in 16th century. Man Singh, one of the first war chiefs or the trusted general of the Emperor Akbar. Akbar included him among the ‘Navaratnas’, or the 9 (nava) gems (ratna) of the royal court. Man Singh began the construction of a fortress-palace of white and red sandstone i.e. Amber Fort in 1592. He was the Kacchwaha (Rajput) of King of Amber, a state later known as Jaipur. Nearby he ordered to set a small temple devoted to ‘Sheela Mata’, his patron goddess.
The fort is built with white marble and red sandstone and look even more attractive because of the Maota Lake in the foreground"

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Our tour guide, Lee telling us the history of this place
To be honest, my brain was only half-functioning as I was down with mild diarrhea during the day. The sickness that you can easily get if you didn't drink clean water/food. I wasn't able to pay focus on what our tour guide was saying but putting my attention to capture the beautiful side of Amber Fort instead. If you want to know more history about Amber Fort, try google it and you can find plenty of information on the internet =)

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
A group photo of the always united coach 2!!

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Mirror installed on the top of the roof

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
A beautiful side of Amber Fort's garden
*please remind that the weather was freaking hot!! Thanks to the gardener that make the plants survive*

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Two lady in colourful sarees resting at the side. Looks like they are the one who keep Amber Fort clean
*Gave some tips after photoshoot*

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Little details on one of the door

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Kama Sutra on one corner of Amber Fort. Find it if you are there haha!

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
The ancient toilet where you poop
*thanks to the beautiful and handsome model haha*

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
What made her look so excited?

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Gangnam dance happening in India's Amber Fort

Believe it or not, some of the members managed to entertain the crowd who were hanging around in front of the food cafe. They started to dance Gangnam style and other tourists took part in the dance as well ;p This is why I love coach 2.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
While taking our break at the restaurant area, I met a new friend =)
A Korean kid where I interacted with him using my camera-sign-language
It is hard to interact with someone who don't speak your language, but it can be done as long as you use simple language =) The Korean kid was reluctant at first but after I showed the picture I took, he smiled and I got his trust to take a photo together =) I met his grandmother as well who were friendly enough to take a group photo together too =D *check out that photo on my Facebook Page *

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Take a ride down hill with buddies in a Jeep
The elephant ride to go up Amber Fort will takes you around 20 minutes; After that, you can choose to take the Jeep go down hill. I personally really like the things I've experienced at Amber Fort. Although the weather was freaking hot, you can always get yourself a hat and remember to put on sunscreen so that you won't get sunburn easily. I love the part where we took a ride on the elephants and  slowly walking up to Amber Fort. Stumble into Cobra snake owner and took a photo together with it =)

I don't really like to study history but it always amazed me when I see beautiful architecture/building that was left and remain in good state after centuries. Hopefully you saw the beautiful side of this place like I did and enjoy the photos taken =D

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Lake Palace (Jal Mahal)
Jal Mahal (meaning "Water Palace") is a palace located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake in Jaipur city, the capital of the state of Rajasthan, India. We made a photo stop at Jal Mahal (Lake Palace) and only a few of us were willing to get down the bus, embrace the hot sun again just to take photo of this palace located in the middle of the lake.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
An Indian shop selling varieties of vase

Jeweleries in the making - He was using a special tool to hold the tiny gems and polish it so that it shine under lights
We were then brought to a jeweleries shop in Rajasthan for shopping. I am glad that we were served a bottle of icy Coke while waiting for others to do the shopping. Hope the ladies manage to get some good gems from here =)

The biggest mall I saw in Jaipur - The World Trade Park
After our thrilling elephant rides at Amber Fort, we can choose to go to the Bazaar we went yesterday/ The World Trade Park to shop and explore. Of course, I've decided to explore what do they have in this outstanding tall building in the heart of Jaipur City.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Here's me together with Jaipur's World Trade Park
The World Trade Park will be built in the heart of the city. It will have offices, a convention centre, retail outlets, exhibition halls, a five-star hotel, a multiplex, trade lobbies, an art gallery and a “computer-controlled” parking for 1,100 vehicles. The World Trade Park will provide a platform for  business fraternity to reach the world while allowing international investors to reach Rajasthan via a single window.

Apparently The World Trade Park is not just a shopping centre, I've spotted the golden-gorgeous interiors that only hotel will have it and most of the shops are selling branded stuff.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
McDonald in Jaipur

McDonald (Jaipur) versus McDonald (Malaysia)
Since we have traveled so far a way to India, of course we shouldn't miss out a chance to try out their burger and food here. I was going to try the Masala Burger but our travel buddies who been there earlier said we shouldn't try that. So... I ordered Chicken nugget instead.

The differences that I spotted in McDonald India tell me that the Chicken Nuggets were fried longer than chicken nuggets in McD Malaysia. Well, the French Fries was friend longer too, ended up looks a bit more brown and tasted crunchier. You may try out their Masala flavoured burger series if you would like to try urgers that only available at here.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Tuk Tuk sent us back to hotel. Look how he enjoyed the ride haha

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Tuk tuk ride from The World Trade Park to Fortune Bella Casa Hotel cost us only Rp 100 for 5 people ride

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Senheng managing director K.H. Lim giving a speech during our last dinner in Fortune Bella Casa Hotel, Jaipur
During the dinner @ Fortune Bella Casa Hotel, Senheng managing director K.H. Lim shared the story of this India trip. This India trip was planned anddate was fixed since August 2012, he was worried that many of the winners won't be able to join this travel trip especially when Malaysia's election is happening almost at the same time as well (5th May). Luckily our travel trip (26 Apr - 3 May) never clash with the voting date and everyone has enough time to contribute their vote for a better Malaysia.

Thanks Senheng for organizing this travel trip as it has really opened up my mind and view about India. I hope people are looking forward to join the trip to China this year!
[Contest to win a trip to China with Senheng]
Badminton fans can look forward to Senheng current contest, which is the Master Power Shop & Win Contest whereby 100 lucky Malaysian will stand a chance to catch LIVE badminton Semi-Finals and Finals matches at China!
Customers just need to spend a minimum of RM999 in a single receipt at any Senheng outlets or senQ Digital Stations nationwide to be entitle for the contest running from the 1st of March until the 31st of May, 2013.


Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Chokhi Dhani Village @ Rajashan
Operating hour 6.00PM - 11.00PM
Ticket per head - Rs 700 (RM42)

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
A lady apply Bindi (the red dot) on our forehead
Chokhi Dhani Village has been the mirror of Rajasthani culture since 1989. Started as part of ambiance for a restaurant, over the years it has evolved as a tasteful and authentic symbol of ethnic village life of this most colorful state in the country. Today, the name of Chokhi Dhani is synonymous with Rajasthani culture throughout the country.

Spread over 10 acres of beautifully landscaped area for a rustic look, it is dotted with machaans & platforms where different folk artists perform concurrently. A village fair is created every evening as an ongoing celebration of the rich & vibrant cultural heritage of Rajasthan.

You can enjoy the dance or even dance together, do astrological fortune telling and many more

Live dance and music performance all through the evenings is one of the major attractions at Chokhi Dhani Village. The exposure that the local folk artistes have received has revived many of the arts and crafts that were getting all but forgotten in these modern times. Few visitors can resist the temptation to join the artistes and dance with the music.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Free Henn/Mehndi drawing provided in chokhi Dhani Village

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
A very skillful boy doing acrobatics on a bamboo without any protection

The magic show, the puppet show, acrobatics on a bamboo without the protection of a safety net beneath, the astrologer, the fortune teller parrot all made the visitors spellbound.

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Kids on a manual 'Merry Go Round'
A kid will run around it so that the 'Merry Go Round' can spin faster

Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Cultural dance in Chokhi Dhani Village. That kid who stick out his tongue got my attention

Camels ride available in Chokhi Dhani Village as well (Rs20/person)
One thing that you must do in Chokhi Dhani Village is to take the camel ride. It will cost you only Rs20/person. The camel ride will bring you go one small round around that village and you just need to enjoy the short ride, especially when the camel stand up/sit down.
Senheng India Trip to Taj Mahal 2013 |
Lovely couple walk together holding hands
Chokhi Dhani Village is a place for you to explore their village arts and culture. The lighting was quite dark during night but after you have adapted to that "darkness" you will able to explore this place better. You may enjoy different rides here. (Camel, Elephant, Bullock, Tonga) or even boating at the village lake "Tal Talaiya". They have magic show in the cobra-like building, tons of different culture dance and craft bazaar. Foods and drinks are available in Chokhi Dhani Village as well.

If you have time to spend between 6pm - 11pm, feel free to drop by Chokhi Dhani Village to experience a night fun-fair that is totally different that what you can have in a city.

This is how we ended our last night in Jaipur, India. All right, stay tune for the last part of my India trip blogpost~!

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