Win RM5,000 Cash & Prizes @ MILO Cans Twisted Football Design Contest Now!

Do you guys still remember MILO Cans Next Games? Last year MILO Cans brought one of the inspiring game to live with MILOo 3-Sided Futsal Challenge and I was there to witness how the games work in Taylor Lakeside University.

The 3-Sided Futsal has a round field instead of a rectangle where 3 different goals for 3 different team.

And this year, MILO Cans decided to challenging the most conventional loved sport in Malaysia by launching Twisted Football. Goalpost will be redesigned with special shape and made the game even more fun!

Just some simple rules for this game, all you need to do is to aim at the small space between the green goalpost and the usual goalpost. If you score, you get extra points for you team.

For example, here's a pre-modified goalpost located at Padang Awam, Puchong. If you are able to kick the ball and goes through one out of five squares, you get 2 points for that goal! Not only in Puchong has this Twisted Football Goalpost.

Now Twisted Football Goalpost is available at several location around KL, Kelana Jaya, Cheras, Kajang and Bangi.

Available location to play Twisted Football
Do note that every Twisted Football field has their unique goalpost design and that's why the difficulties varies with location =) Visit and check out how the goalpost looks like!

Twisted Football is a new and exciting sport for people who love football. Guess what? Good news for you creative people who love to draw and create something unique? What do I mean? You can now create a goalpost that will change football completely and if your design is selected as one of the best design, you can win RM5000 cash! There will be total of 2 winners for best design but that's not all, as the winning goalpost may be made available at one of the football field.

MILO Cans is kind enough to encourage us to submit as many Goalpost designs as we can because there are tons of branded tablet awaiting for you to bring it back!

I am already trying my luck to win one of the branded tablet with Wi-Fi 32GB (looks like iPad to me) but submitting a few of my goalpost design!

MILO Cans Twisted Football Design Goalpost and WIN Cash Prizes!

My first goalpost design: Fighting for the cup!

Basically you just need to use your mouse by dragging the available shapes (circle, square and triangle) to the goalpost to modify their shapes. You can always duplicate the same shape so you can create proportional shapes and design. Trust me it is very easy! If you are a creative person I am sure you can create awesome goalpost and win the new tablet! Above picture that I designed is named "Fighting for the cup!"

Then I continue to create other designs by dragging more shapes to revamp my goalpost.

MILO Twisted Football Goalpost Design No. 2: Atomic Angel
I was just randomly drawing this picture above by dragging shapes to the poles. Suddenly had an idea of incorporating the Lynas threat (radioactive sign) in Malaysia that if it explode we all will go to heavens... Looks a bit saddening but it reminded us about what radioactive stuff can do to us.

MILO Twisted Football Goalpost Design No.3: The King Crab
Here's my third design - "The King Crab"!!  Oh well with this goalpost you can easily score 2 points by shooting the football to the large pincers at side =) Too bad I am not the only one that thought of crab design for goalpost. I checked out MILO Cans Twisted football goalpost gallery and found some really creative design!!

Check it out! Got shapes that form out the word MILO, trees and forest that emphasize goes green,  James Bond Skyfall, Running Man, Cheer leaders and many more creative goalpost designs. I suggest you to check out their gallery to prevent getting the same idea.

If you want to win the 32Gb tablets, you better be creative to win over judges heart!

So guys, don't say I never share good stuff with you on where to win yourself a new iPad back home ya!! Visit MILO Cans Facebook page now and start create your own outstanding goalpost to win RM5000 cash and also the 32GB tablet!

PS: Hope my design will able to grab at least one of the iPads!! Opps I mean the branded tablets haha

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