4 Good Reasons to Study In UK

Traveled to London during London 2012 Olympic Games
Ever since my first trip to London during Olympics, I have fallen very much in love with the city especially during summer. Apart from the four seasons that we don't experience in Malaysia, there are tons more stuff to explore here!

Take this for example, during summer you may spot this old man feeding squirrels and birds at the park. I've always wanted to capture these kinds of photographs and that excites me to stay longer in the UK and explore this side of the world.

Eventually it also made me consider whether or not I should further my studies in the UK. A Degree/Master's course in Photography I guess? =) Below are some of the good reasons why you should study in UK:

1. The UK offers you an outstanding quality of teaching, and a world-class learning experience

Proof a: Over 86% of postgraduate students in the UK stated that the overall experience of their research programme met or exceeded their expectations

Source: The 'Postgraduate Research Experience Survey' 2011

This is a UK-wide survey that collects the views of current postgraduate researchers in order to enhance the learning experiences of postgraduate students on research programmes. With 31,202 EU and non-EU students completing the survey, there was a national response rate of 32%.
  • 86% of respondents stated that the overall experience of their research programme met or exceeded their expectations
  • Students from Africa and Asia were in general even more positive about their experience than those from the UK

Proof b: Over 92% of postgraduate students in the UK rate the quality of teaching they receive positively

Source: The 'Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey' 2011

This collects feedback on the experiences of current taught postgraduate students in the UK. A total of 38,756 students from 80 UK higher education institutions (HEIs) responded, a national response rate of 17.8%.
  • 88% of respondents stated their overall experience of their programme met or exceeded their expectations.
  • 92% of respondents rated teaching quality positively

Proof c: Over 88% of international graduates are satisfied with their learning experience

Source: Tracking International Graduate Outcomes 2011. BIS. Published January 2012

The first wave of the study took place in 2010 and surveyed international graduates (those who graduated from undergraduate, taught and research postgraduate degrees) of publicly-funded UK higher education institutions (HEIs) from 2009 (6 months after completing their studies) and from 2007 (in the third year post-completion). The second and final wave, conducted in 2011, surveyed international graduates who had graduated from UK HEIs in 2010 (6months after completion) and 2008 (2½ years after completion.

Satisfaction is high across all learning, living, and support aspects of the HEI experience for all graduates:
  • 83% of the class of 2010 would recommend their institution to others.
  • 88% of 2010 graduates are satisfied with the learning experience
  • Overall, 88% of graduates are satisfied with the living experience.
  • 82% of graduates are satisfied with the support provided by their university overall.
  • Three years after graduating, 83% felt that their UK degree was worth the financial investment as do 80% of those who graduated 6 months ago.
  • In addition, 86% of 2010 graduates reported feeling welcome in the UK when they first arrived.

Tower Bridge during London 2012 Olympic Games
2.    A UK education is great value for money
Proof: UK degree courses are typically shorter than many other countries courses and UK is typically less expensive than the US and Australia in terms of fees charged

Source: International Pricing Study: A snapshot of UK and key competitor country international student fees', UK HE International Unit, 2011.
  • The UK is cheaper than the US in terms of fees charged, based on the institutions surveyed in the study.
  • Fees at Australian universities in the study exceeded those in the UK, even at institutions which ranked lower than their UK counterparts.

The soldier at Tower of London

3. You can follow your passion for discovery in world-leading universities for research and innovation
Proof: The UK’s share of the world’s top 1% of most highly cited papers, which indicates its share of the highest quality published research, was 13.8% in 2010, 2nd only to the US

Source: International Comparative Performance of the UK Research Base - 2011

  • The UK is a leading research nation in the world in terms of the number of articles that it publishes annually. It is also a leading research nation in the world in terms of the usage and citation of those articles, both of which indicate that its articles are of high quality. While the UK has far fewer researchers than larger countries such as the US and China, as a country, it is far more efficient in terms of output per researcher: of the top five research nations (based on article output in 2010: US, China, UK, Japan, Germany), UK researchers generate more articles per researcher, more citations per researcher, and more usage per article authored as measured by global downloads of UK articles.
  • The UK’s share of the world’s top 1% of most highly cited papers, which indicates its share of the highest quality published research, was 13.8% in 2010, 2nd only to the US.

A lovely couple at Hyde Park,  London
4.    A UK education your passport to an outstanding career
Proof: UK-educated international graduates achieve markedly higher average salaries than in their home country.

Source: Tracking International Graduate Outcomes 2011. BIS. Published January 2012

Recent graduates returning to China to work, achieve an average starting salary of £9,675. Those returning to India, achieve an average starting salary of £13,214. US graduates return home to an average starting salary of £28,055. These compare to average starting salaries in China, India, and the USA of £4,152, £4,394, and £24,514 respectively.

Which way should I go?

Now you have decided to study in the UK. But where? Which university suits you more? Now is the time to figure things out as British Council - Education UK Fair 2012 is coming up soon. The Education UK Fair 2012 hosted by British council, will be held at KLCC from the 3rd to 4th of November 2012.

If you want to join thousands of Malaysians in the UK (15,000 in 2010) or the hundreds of thousands of international students who are looking to enhance themselves through a UK qualification and the multitude of experiences in the UK, why don’t you start doing some homework on what you can or should do?

I believe if you study oversea you will definitely have wider perspective and knowledge of other countries as this will benefits you in many ways. For example, few of my friends saw a certain business is doing well in that country and they brought it back to Malaysia with a better idea. Good to know that now they have successfully brought up their own career.

With so many course options and study methods available, the choices can be mind-boggling. By narrowing down the search to what your intended career path is, and what rocks your boat, you can actually get a pretty good idea of what is most suited for you.

British Council has also arranged a strong line-up of speakers with useful seminar topics over both exhibition days. The complete seminar schedule can be found here but just to name a few:
  • How to choose the right A level / IB subject combination
  • Tips on perfecting your personal statement
  • Breaking into top UK universities
  • Succeed in IELTS with the British Council
 Education UK Fair 2012 @ KLCC
Date: 3 & 4 November, 2012
Time: 1pm - 6pm
Venue: Grand Ballroom, Level 3, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

To make your journey more exciting, British Council has an assortment of lucky draw prizes to be given away on both days. To stand a chance to win one of the prizes, you must pre-register your attendance and actually visit the exhibition. You may pre-register here.

So guys, if you happen to be there during Education UK Fair, I wish you best of luck finding your desired university and I am sure you'll find one!

You should click here to view the final list of UK schools, colleges and universities. For more information about Education UK Fair 2012 @ KLCC, visit this page www.educationuk.org.

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