My Future In 5 Years Time - I will be Liv-INGeasi

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary with Kangaroo
Went to Australia with gf to feed the Kangaroo at Lone Pine last year. I wish in future I could travel around the world more frequently.

The Future of a person varies from one to another as some choose to maintain the same lifestyle, while others will have plans to do what they desire in the upcoming years. For me, I admit I used to have no plans for myself. I chose to be a happy-go-lucky person, passing my life happily, without any restrictions. However as time passes and as you grow up, you would realize every action you take will affect your future and this makes me further realize that something should be done for me. This is the time I choose to change and take my first step.

This is also one of the reasons why I left my fix-time job and chose to become a fulltime blogger+photographer instead. It was tough at first as my income was irregular (sometimes no income at all), but once you see your hard work and investment start ‘blooming fruits’, you just feel that it was all worth the things that you've gone through.

Since we are on the topic of future plans - what do you foresee you future will be like in 5-10 years time? Well, for me, I hope by that time I will own a photography studio where I can take photos that capture the precious moments of my clients and have my work exhibited all around the world. Such a big dream ha? =)

Large Photostudio

The second thing that I would like to have is a comfortable dream house in a nice location (on the hill/close to nature).

It would be great if I can travel around the world freely with my future wife too (you know who you are lol)!

Oh ya, since I like to blog and take photos, I am also thinking of selecting all my good stories and publishing a photobook.

Then I can sign it for you guys! That's the 3rd dream of mine, people! Nyahaha!

As one of Malaysia's active social media evangelists (self-claimed), I've recently found an interesting facebook apps that can foresee my future. It was designed by ING Insurance Berhad (Glad to know they are now on Facebook... to reach out to youth like us ;p).

First I need to choose 4 things that I want to achieve in a few years time (mine would be publishing a book, buying a second home, traveling around the world and start owning a business).

Soon after this the Facebook profile page comes out as below!

A picture of me and NameWee and we never grow old (I wish!)

From my 4 selections, the ING Insurance app showed pictures of my house at this beautiful place, as shown in the pictures above. Bringing it closer to home, I wish I could own a similar home in Port Dickson, near Avilion. That’s the ultimate place to be as you can spot nice boats and stroll along sandy white beaches. It would looks so darn classy to be able to own a house there.

Besides letting us glimpse our future, the app also guides us towards the right financial plans to purchase (in the event you want to purchase them, of course).

Through the app, I learned that upon the maturity of my policy/es, I can take out the money and use it as part of my investment on my desired property. In the app, they have all the product information needed to guide us to choose the plan that suits us, and while doing that, you too could take a picture using the cool augmented reality app available and have a cool pictures of yourself snapped!

This is a happy TC (I don't look good with webcam) owning a house by the beach! Yeah, I can blog about my travel experience right in my cozy home! =p All you need is an amazing picture to motivate you to achieve your dream!

Just some facts of what I came to learn about the ING Insurance plans which could be of interest to you.

- There are 3 all-in-one, flexible, investment-linked insurance packages that offer protection and investment options to suit one’s needs at the different life stages.

3 simple packages - Discover, Achieve and Build.

- There are 3 simple packages - Discover, Achieve and Build.
- From what I understood, the 3 different packages are classified according to your life stage. That's the beauty of the plan! You don't need to scratch your head too much to decide which one's for you. Just focus on the plan that fits you most and zoom into it.

- For people who just finished their study and taking the first step in their career, they can choose INGeasi Discover. The plans offers affordable monthly payments while catering to your basic protection needs. Once you are more stable with your career and can afford to pay a little bit more (I should be at this stage of life I hope), you can upgrade your plan to INGeasi Achieve to get more protection but with still affordable monthly payments. This plan also offers protection for female illnesses. (Good news for my gf)

- Once I have my own family in near future,, I might opt for INGeasi Build. The plan will not only benefit me as the home provider but also to my family members. i could also use this plan to save for my children's future education too. This definitely makes thing easier judging the cost of education is getting higher these days.

Enough said already! If you are interested to go and try out this app yourself, go to

If you are unsure which plan suits you best, why don't you first watch this cool video and see some other people's dreams and the plans that best suit them? Go to

Now that I've meet my future self, virtually, I know that INGeasi For You series provides protection against death and disability, critical and female related illnesses as well as loss of family income. It just makes my life easy. =)

INGeasi For You Cupcakes
I like to have a sweet future. Don't you want a better future too?

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary with Kangaroo
Now, I am planning to go to Australia again to laze on the ground with these "kangaroos". They are just sexy aren't they? Hahaha =D

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