Mission Impossible with Agent 7.7 - M5.0 | Win Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 now

Mission 5.0
"Agent 7.7 walks away from the explosion with a knowledge that it is all over. He knew that there was no way he could have solved this case without the help of the GALAXY Tab 7.7"

Remember the body guards of the ambassador that’s chasing behind? Finally they manage to catch up Agent 7.7 footsteps after the entire thing has ended. Truth has been revealed therefore Agent 7.7 and Marrion left the place without being cuffed. However, it is still a mystery of why he was fired from the HQ and who is the guy in high position that getting involved.

Now that Agent 7.7 is fired and he is no longer attached to any party, he has invited Marrion to have a long trip with him after this dangerous mission. Agent 7.7 planned to go Bali for the sunny beach.

Mission 5.1
Newspapers headlines: "Naked body of Agent 7.7 found dead in sea. Cause of death unknown."

Since there were many people killed during Agent 7.7’s journey, the HQ decided to do something to cover up the whole mess. Especially during the massive kill at the bio-lab and while being chased by the bodyguards.

While Agent 7.7 and Marrion was at Bali. The HQ had arranged a decoy to fake Agent 7.7’s death. From now on, Agent 7.7 doesn’t exist in this world. The truth is both he and Marrion are now enjoying tanning under the sun. Agent 7.7 knows that this peace last only for a moment as there is still a villain in the HQ. He and Marrion knew this mission will never really end unless all the villains were eliminated.

Mission 5.2
Agent 7.7 receive encrypted message on Galaxy Tab saying "This is just the beginning"

That’s the message he saw while he was sun bathing at the beautiful beach in Bali. The message shouldn’t be from Marrion as she was swimming in the middle of the sea.. Who else could it be? The mysterious villain in HQ? Or someone who saw Agent 7.7’s talent in completes his mission and intends to hire his excellent services? Who knows?

Wait till the Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 beep again… Agent 7.7 put back on his sunshade and continue enjoy the sunny beach! He ordered an ice drink and the waiter passed him a glass of cooling champagne along with a Samsung Galaxy S III from unknown person. There’s a message pop up, “Hi Agent 7.7, we have a new mission for you, do you choose to accept?”

A new journey has begun!

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Contest

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