Kah Shin's Birthday @ Bumbu Bali

For those who didn't attend the event
Please guess what this cute elephant used for? ;p


On 15th of Nov, Mun2 who is the organizer decided to celebrate Kah Shin's birthday at a special place either "Sambal Suhi" or "Bumbu Bali"

After comparing the price, there aren't any big difference
So here we stay, at "Bumbu Bali"

Marccus not coming as he just back from Kuching.

But he saw kennysia and they are in the same flight!
Hmm...is it that easy to see kennysia in Kuching?

...Due to some technical issue and long time didn't organize an event
The destination haven't be decided since 7 PM until 8 PM++
Therefore, the working stressful James get angry cause we keep changing the place to meet
Although you saw James is smilling, but he actually very angry!!
Saw how scared Mun2 was?? ;p

While Mun2 is still apologizing to James, camwhore started.
Let me introduce you, Yeng2 with Bumbu Bali's Ashtray!

Kah shin was happy when received that present!
Why? Cause he likes animal especially elephant!!

This is weekly special drink - Cucumber & "Mujitsu" Drink
(Cucumber + Lemon + Chili + "Mujitsu")
Forgot the leaf on top called "Mujitsu" or something else, correct me plz

This is the Lamb & Chicken Chop

This is "Ayam Bertutu"
I am sure that is its name

And this one is the Tasty Fish & Chips

Yeng2's favourite, salad with alot of fruits and vege.

Back to camwhoring
Li Ern who was slicing the lamb chop

Me + Yeng2

"Brothers & Sisters"

Err..."Two and a Half-man"

"Family Shot?"
Piture taken by Kah Shin.
And Kah Shin thinks that this is a good shot
It would be better if zoom out a bit~

Hmm...this would be Kah Shin wishing for kisses from two unwilling girls? ;p
Maybe one of them is willing to do that!

As usual, couple's picture



Belows are the decoration at Bumbu Bali
I have seems almost all of them in Melaka as I selling them before.
Yes, they are selling them too.

Li Ern with the bar

I like it when "Carlsberg" slowly lighted up, the way it shown is nice.
Forgive my innocense

This is the "Chai Shen Ye" that put near the staircase.
I believe it somehow attract some customer to here.

Since we were very full althought sharing the foods together
We only manage to take out the cake after digestion for a long long time!
Here is the cake for "Shin-Khah Wong" :)
Please translate it in cantonese ~

Happy Kah Shin cutting the cake after and he made a wish that he want it to come true while we don't!
Which is, "No need to treat us at the high class restaurant" ;p

Kah Shins is giving the "saliva-ed" Cherry to our beloved Mun2 and Yeng2 ;p

The birthday cake is nice,and we only managed to finished it by playing
"Big fish + Small Fish"
This game is really interesting and challenging ~

At last, our group photo taken (not clear enough..aiks)

Therefore there is a flashed one!

Compared to last year photo @ Shin Nichi Restaurant
Almost all the same !
Except now I am standing at different position and wearing glasses while James doesn't need it anymore!!

Perhaps this would be the post with most picture I ever upload
The end!


  1. I miss that fun. wakaka.
    But when mun mun ask me about bumbung bali, she stil very happy to ask. not feel scare or worry at all. wakakaka

  2. haha nice post..

    Kah Shin sudah lupa Serayan gang..aihz..

    Nice to see u all together! =)

  3. [nicole comel]
    I don't think he will forget Serayan gang~

    We all still together in Puchong, aren't e? ;p

  4. [crystal^zixian]
    It is inside Bandar Puteri,Puchong Selangor

    For more info, surf here:



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