Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo
The story would be about perfumes, alot of perfumes

I remember that I had participate in the contest of magazine
and yeap it is the contest of Pour Homme

One day, received the e-mail reply from "Newsman Magazine"
Now only I noticed the email that I sent was in November.

Seems like they need 6 month to process the tons of participating email + mail
to choose the winner.

Luckily that I won the first prize which worth RM 2,500 according to the magazine and the person in charge
But unfortunately it is all about perfumes and lotions ...
And I don't think those fragrance and lotion can cost us that much

Seven is too much for me....
Therefore I gave some to my parents and friends.
Hope they like it ~


This is the refill for specific fragrance.
It looks special and elegant with the little funnel.
But still can't figure out which one to use with.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. i will like if it's from you , lol

    opps , CONGRATULATIONS for winning the 1st PRIZE , woohoo~

    recently thinking of get 1 perfumes for myself also , so suprise when saw this post here , am totally no idea about perfumes too...

  3. Haha, the bad news is the perfume left now is for lady and will keep for my sis :)

    I will give you next time if I win again and got extra

    By the way, buy perfume that only suit you, yourself and likable by others.
    If not it is useless.

  4. haha . it's ok larr

    ya , but i just dunno what suits me yet.

  5. oh my god...
    i am late for this= =
    the incanto series is my favorite!!
    unfortunely u give it to other ppl~><
    seems that next time i need to be quick~

  6. [arashi]
    Im sure you will find 1

    [Joo fen]
    Wahaha thanks.
    Now joo fen also want fragrance wor.

    IF I won again sure I will give it to my dear friends ;)

  7. walao. so nice...can win first price..haha,next time if u win again, share wit me ya..eventhough is not suitable for least i can gv to other gals ma..hehe

  8. [cklim]
    Haha, also got perfume for men
    But left 1 for myself...

    So many ppl like perfumes ar?

  9. coz this brand's perfume is great~
    if not u think i like it meh~~
    if chia ling see ur blog abt this
    she will tell u that y u din save one for her~


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