Gatsby Moving Rubber

I know Gatsby new "Moving Rubber" has been existed for a long time.
And the variety do makes me confused.
BUT lastly I choose to buy the Pink one.

When I first using it, I figured out it was so hard to be washed off.
And I wonder if there is any good way to wash off these "rubber" without pushing too much stress on your scalp.

Anyway, for those who using Gatsby moving rubber must spread the "rubber" on the tips of your hair and NOT scalp.
This is always an important thing to be noticed !

Anyhow, looking forward for the clues of using Gatsby Moving Rubber ;p


  1. haha.. here is the comment on my experience on it.

    I was using the same as u just bought. But now it nearly finished.

    Actually sometimes when your hairs still have a bit wet, it make the rubber more easy to apply to ur hair.

    And.. dont treat it as a hairstyling gel. wakaka.
    Just use your finger to pick some amount up, then rub among fingers to spread them out, then just move your hair and start set your style. No need to touch deeply onto your scalp as you ady know. :p

    Recently, i was noticed that these moving rubber was actually have new edition. wakaka, a very small one. Go check them out in Watson or Guardian.. hehe, very cute.

  2. I'm still clueless to know if there is any easier way to wash off those "rubber"

    BUT, thanks a lot for the valuable advice ;p

    Actually I have seen three different size of the Gatsby Rubber.
    I can't find the small one, so I bought the medium sized, haha!

    Still looking forward for new advice ;)

  3. haha, about the wash off..
    i was using the dove shampoo all the time. and it quite effective to clear the rubber :)

  4. Icic, Dove shampoo har ;p
    I will get a try, thanks ar!


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