31 May 2015

[Actual Day] Pentatonix Live In Malaysia 2015: Serenade by Angels

Pentatonix Live In Malaysia 2015: Serenaded Like Angels

Pentatonix Live In Malaysia 2015: Serenaded Like Angels

This is the first time Pentatonix take the stage of Malaysia at Stadium Negara, delivering a dynamic performance to a crowd of 4,000 screaming fans. Organised by BlackCat Live and The WonderLand+, the band makes their Malaysian debut as part of their On My Way Home Tour.

It seems like time past quickly while listening to their live acapella. Not only they sang together very well, they have their "individual" song featuring five different voices. My personal favourite is Standing By when the phone's lights shining in the dark. It always does the magic moments =)

Pentatonix Live In Malaysia 2015 - Standing By 

I was kinda disappointed when I can't capture their precious moments with my camera gear. Luckily smartphone has been my best partner to share what I saw and hear with you guys. Photos shown here are by the official organizer and I've just enhanced some of them using Adobe Lightroom. I've uploaded a few videos of the concert so don't missed out their concert especially if they are coming your way!! 200% no lip sync and tip top live performance from the awesome five person. 

Dear Pentatonix, you did an awesome performance!! Do come to Malaysia again!! (And request for TianChad to shoot for you haha)

23 May 2015

Under Armour Mid Valley Megamall & Earn Your Armour Challenge with Brand Athletes

Under Armour new brand outlet in Mid Valley Megamall
Under Armour new brand outlet in Mid Valley Megamall
With the the power of social media and exposure by Under Armour Malaysia Brand Athletes, Under Armour has become well known in our country although they are still new in Malaysia Market. Just months after launching their first Malaysia Brand Store in KLCC, they are now having their third brand store in the Mid Valley Megamall. (Second Under Armour Outlet at Pavilion)

One month ago, there was this special Under Armour launch event held at Mid Valley Megamall where UA Brand Athletes organize fitness workshop in conjunction with its Earn Your Armour (EYA) campaign. The EYA campaign is a part of a global initiative to educate the public about healthy lifestyle and fitness concept. EYA Malaysia is a six-week challenge programme to enable participants to join free workout sessions conducted by Under Armour's gym partners. Throughout the challenge, participants will gain encouragement and training tips from the trainers who will be with them every step of the way, pushing them to Earn Your Armour.

During the special Under Armour Launch events, media friends from different publication teamed up to compete with UA Athletes and to Earn Your Armours. Most of them are definitely fit in person and below contains photos of their group challenge. It was great to meet people who inspired you on fitness and health attended the event as well. I've always wanted to become a fitter person but guess that I need to push myself harder =)

Now let's check out the event photos below captured on that day itself:

21 May 2015

7 Reasons To Get OnePlus One In Malaysia

7 Reasons To Get OnePlus One In Malaysia

7 Reasons To Get OnePlus One In Malaysia

One plus one equals to two, but have you heard of OnePlus One Smartphone?? Finally OnePlus Smartphone has officially comes to Malaysia and I am here to share with you seven reasons why you should get yourself a OnePlus One after my quick review. 

20 May 2015

[REVIEW] Airplane Timelapse Photography using Samsung NX1

Airplane Timelapse using Samsung NX1

Airplane Timelapse using Samsung NX1

It has been a while since I blogged about Samsung NX1 and its hidden features. If you are new to Samsung NX1, it is a smart camera that can help you take 4K resolution timelapse photos and videos at the sametime. Below is a timelapse video that I've captured and created straight from Samsung NX1. Check out the nice airplane landing and taking off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport =)

18 May 2015

FIVE Hidden Gems Rediscovered in Kuala Lumpur with Project:RE

Lenovo Project:RE - Rediscover The City of  Kuala Lumpur

Lenovo Project:RE - Rediscover The City of  Kuala Lumpur

Here is it!! After weeks of planning and research online with the helps of Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows, I am now revealing with you guys what are the hidden gems that I found during my adventure to the familiar yet mysterious Kuala Lumpur. Below is the map route that I've planned and marked with pins.

My starting point from Dang Wangi LRT ended at Pasar Seni LRT Station
My starting point from Dang Wangi LRT and ended at PasarSeni LRT Station
Ever since I start travelling, I know that to fully explore one place you must take it slow and walk on foot instead. With that you will able to see more things at your surroundings. I've always wanted to explore the city but it was hard to find parking when I was driving and there are certain roads that can only be accessed if you walk. 

Took LRT to Dang Wangi Station so I can explore the city by foot
Took LRT to Dang Wangi Station so I can explore the city by foot

That's why I've decided to take the LRT to Dang Wangi Station and continue my exploration all the way up to PasarSeni LRT by foot. The first place that I wanted to explore is Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve - Taman EkoRimba Kuala Lumpur.

16 May 2015

Sponsored Video: Uncage Yourself, Pursue Your Dream

Tiger Graffiti at Rabbit Hole Changkat Bukit Bintang - by Kenji Chai
Tiger Graffiti at Rabbit Hole Changkat Bukit Bintang - by Kenji Chai
Not sure since when most of the parents have this typical concept: If you want to be success in a career, become an engineer, doctor or even a dentist to have a bright future. Don't ever get yourself involved with something related to art and music because you will have NO future with it. If you are in an Asian family, this concept somehow stay stronger in your family. 

Since I was young, my primary school teacher will ask me what is my ambition yearly. One time I say I want be a policeman, next year I say I want to be a firefighter. Honestly, I don't know what I wanted to be when I was at that age and it always change. 

As a person graduated with a science degree - Biotechnology, I thought I was going to do something great with it but I lose interest in it after the constant same work in the lab. I like to explore the outside world which is so big and different. There is so much more for you to figure out in this world. Thankfully I started a blog by following what my friend did ages ago. My friend has stopped blogging but I am now still doing it. I did not just blogging, but also found the love of capturing precious moments using the right camera device, which now formed a photography company called Sky Arts Production

Quitting my stable 9-5 laboratory work was the first moment I uncaged myself to an unknown future. I didn't know what blogging would leads me to but it has been fruitful and amazing on what had happened to my life so far. Of course, there are barriers and problems that you need to encounter during that process but that's what life's about. 

There is never too late to start doing something that inspire you and makes you happy. Instead of feeling regret on what you didn't do, I would rather feeling regret on what I did but in the end I get to achieve my dream. At least I have tried and made through so much to reach what I am today. I don't wanna look back at myself when I am dying and say, "How come I didn't try and find something that I like at that age?" 

Below are some videos about inspiring people who uncaged themselves to pursue their dream. 

14 May 2015

Fitter Faster Stronger Starts From Within - Bootcamp @ KLCC Park

Bootcamp at KLCC Park - Maxis Health Engagement Programme

Bootcamp at KLCC Park - Maxis Health Engagement Programme

"Fitter, Faster and Stronger." We all heard it before but this is the first time I see a telco company practicing the motto within themselves through Maxis Health Engagement Programme.  I was interested to see how their bootcamp works and Maxis was happy to let me join their bootcamp session which will be held at KLCC Park on every alternate working day (Mon, Wed, Fri).

I am trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by going to gym to workout or swimming from time to time, but sometimes I just don't have that motivation especially when I am doing it alone. From this bootcamp, I can see that they are going through this journey as a team and the spirit is there to keep them going. Even when the weather turned bad, they were still standing strong to complete the bootcamp session.

I was well prepared with my exercise outfit but got chicken out last minute because it started to rain. (I don't know why that I can easily caught with flu whenever I got just a little showered by the rain) So yeah, instead of joining them to complete the one and a half hour tough team exercise, I was there to document their journey instead. Do scroll down for the video that I've done regarding this event!!

I've wanted to do more video instead of just photos, So watch and support a bit la can? =)

BIGBANG 2015 World Tour Live in Malaysia - Get Priority Queue for #BBVIP NOW!

BIGBANG 2015 World Tour Live in Malaysia - Hotlink Official Telco Sponsor  25 July 2015 @ 6PM Putra Indoor Stadium

BIGBANG 2015 World Tour Live in Malaysia - Hotlink Official Telco Sponsor

25 July 2015 @ 6PM
Putra Indoor Stadium

Dear all #BBVIP!! This is definitely a great news for all K-pop fans in Malaysia! Hotlink is going K-POP CRAZY and continues to give K-pop fans epic experiences to the best concerts and events. From bringing TaeYang LIVE in KL in February to Royal Pirates LIVE in KL and Kota Kinabalu earlier this month, Hotlink is proud to announce that it will be the Official Telco Sponsor for the BIGGEST K-POP concert of the year - BIGBANG 2015 World Tour [MADE] in Malaysia - where the K-pop superstars will perform their biggest hits at Putra Indoor Stadium on 25 July at 6.00 pm.

04 May 2015

[Updates] My Lenovo Project:RE - Discover the City of KL

I have been using the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows for weeks and I gotta say is this tablet has its unique way to stand with the kickstand on the side. It definitely has the features of how Yogis practice their yoga too, flexible in changing positions for different benefits.

Today I would like to share on the little things that I used to research for my Project:RE in Discovering the City of KL. To me, this Lenovo tablet is like an affordable mini PC that you can strip away the keyboard and yet still can use the full function of Windows 8 OS to do many things.

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