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[GIVEAWAY] 苏打绿《当我们一起走过》巡回演唱会 - 吉隆坡站 Sodagreen "Walk Together" Tour Live in Kuala Lumpur (只有一天)

Sodagreen Walk Together Tour – Kuala Lumpur 苏打绿《当我们一起走过》巡回演唱会 - 吉隆坡站 Date: 1st March 2014 Time: 7.30pm Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium Ticket Prices: RM420, RM380, RM320, RM270, RM200* (*yet to include TicketCharge processing fee) TicketCharge Ticketing Hotline: (03) 9222 8811 or
Courtesy of AMC Group, is giving out TWO PAIRS of Cat A tickets to Sodagreen's first ever 6 members concert in Malaysia just to all my readers especially vivid fans of Sodagreen!!

HTC One Max Review & Price in Malaysia - It's really HUGE!

First Impression on HTC One Max When I first got the HTC One Max, it looks quite huge and even larger than Samsung GALAXY Note 3. It retains the smart, sleek and curvy design of HTC One just that it is larger in size and has the new Fingerprint sensor device right at the back as a new way to unlock your phone/camera.
I've been using HTC One Max for quite sometime and there are things that I like and dislike. The main attraction of HTC One Max is none other than its big screen and dual-stereo speakers with built in amplifier at the side. I personally think that HOM (HTC One Max) is very suitable for entertainment purposes especially if you like to watch a lot of YouTube Videos, Online TV Drama and of course gaming too. I always love playing Clash of Clans using it.

If you've wonder if HTC One Max is good enough for you, scroll down and read more on my personal review:

Deman Denggi, Drought & The Lion Men #TCRandom

Hola people, how was your day today? I hope you don't feel hot with current weather as Melaka is very hot and humid now. *sila hujan* My mind always remind me of "你York了吗?" whenever there is a hot day but the expensive electricity bill stopped me to think of York again haha...
I've been hearing and seeing news that friends/their family got caught up with Deman Denggi because of Nyamuk Aedes. So guys be aware of your housing area/neighbourhood and make sure to check and clear up the possible nest for mosquito. I saw KHIND's Facebook sponsored post promoting their electrical mosquito trap but some user comment not effective. (It is not cheap either) I wonder anyone of you is using it and if you have good feedback about it, do share with me so I can take in consideration in purchasing one.
This constant hot weather will eventually leads to the yearly drought again. So guys, use water wisely or else there might be water shortage again. Btw, will people start blaming…

The Lion Men 狮神决战来马造势,众演员将出席云顶首映礼及影迷见面会 #TheLionMen

夹着《狮神决战》在新加坡勇夺华语贺岁片票房冠军的好势头,导演梁智强率领8位演员陈天文、张智扬、王伟良、叶荣耀、林俊良、吴清樑、程砚秋及包尔琮“大阵仗”抵马宣传。《狮神决战》是由“新兵正传”原班人马(张智扬、王伟良、叶荣耀、林俊良、吴清樑) 及在新加坡和中国备受欢迎的资深演员陈天文主演 ,并找来中国95新生代女演员程砚秋担任女主角,是一部舞狮、武打、舞蹈三结合,令观众耳目一新的电影。

[Video] The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat (Ipoh): Water Villa

In conjunction with this year's Valentine's Day, I've finally edit and process some of the travel videos I took during our journey to The Banjaran Hotsprings in Ipoh. Ah... let me think think, it happened 2 years ago O.o
Anyhow, I am glad that I finally did it as when I streaming through the videos, it reminds me some of the happy AND funny moments while we travel together. Check out the vlog (video log) below for a view of The Banjaran and the spacious Water Villa  that we stay for 3 days 2 nights! =D

Taylor Swift The RED Tour Live in KL 11 June 2014 @ Putra Indoor Stadium

Seven-time GRAMMY winner Taylor Swift spent much of 2013 headlining sold-out stadiums and arenas in North America, Australia, and New Zealand on her blockbuster THE RED TOUR, and just this week finished a run of sold-out shows in London and Berlin. Taylor announced today that in response to strong fan demand she is taking the tour to Southeast Asia later this year, performing shows in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.
The Asian dates of Taylor Swift’s THE RED TOUR Presented by Cornetto will include the following: June 4Jakarta, IndonesiaMEIS (Mata Elang International Stadium)June 6Manila, PhilippinesMall of Asia ArenaJune 9Bangkok, ThailandImpact ArenaJune 11Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaPutra Indoor StadiumJune 12SingaporeSingapore Indoor Stadium
The Southeast Asia portion of The RED Tour is presented by Cornetto and promoted by AEG Live. The general public on-sale dates will vary by market, and pre-sale tickets will be available. General ticketing information wil…

全民电影《一路有你 The Journey》创760万票房 刷新大马中文电影票房纪录

《一路有你》导演将与众演员于2月15日(星期六)下午3时,在八打灵再也佰乐泰广场大厅(Upper Atrium)进行见面会。更多Astro全民电影《一路有你》消息,请浏览

[LIVE] "The Better Half" - Ben Andrew Pfeiffer - Astro全民电影《一路有你》首映礼

题外话,看了《一路有你》的你们,是否已察觉Uncle Frankie曾经出现过在Malaysia Eno的广告呢??有发觉到的按赞或留言!!

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My Journey to SK Malinsau, Ranau with Astro Kasih: "Bulih Bah Kalau Kau"

"Bulih Bah Kalau Kau", the phrase that I learned and understand until I reached Sabah. It actually means, "If for you no problem lah" *Malaysian Slang*.  Last year November I was given an opportunity to travel to SK Malinsau, Ranau in Sabah to understand the obstacles that student were facing in their study life and how Astro Kasih contributed in helping them.

A cool solution for going online with multiple gadgets and tips on how to win FREE tablets!

Since I got my first smartphone, I've start using data plan on it as I need mobile internet for email, Facebook, Twitter and of course Instagram!! I try to post at least once on Instagram/day. But sometimes it is not enough as now I have tablets and other gadgets that need WiFi to function well. [You do know that smartphone is not smart any more if they can't connect to the internet right?] What's more when you have so many gadget to use at the same time!! #justkidding I don't use all of it at the same time, maybe just 2-3 at one time.? Haha!! *one for work, one for game on tablet and one for cousin to play another game!!*

I am not sure about you guys but I find it frustrated to find 'Free' WiFi from the cafe/restaurant I visit. Sometimes their WiFi has become wonky and I can't surf the internet even if I manage to log in (even if we have watch their advertisement again and again...); If I share my smartphone's data plan with my tablet, my smartphone w…

36 of the Biggest Love Songs Ever describe love between RBFluffy & RBBunny

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, everyone has "Love" on their mind. It's on the radio, it’s in the books and’s everywhere!! Love all around so what better way to capture it then a collection of romantic love song that would put you and you lover in the mood while celebrating this season of Love!  

Warner Music proudly presents "The Greatest Love of All – 36 of The Biggest Love Songs Ever"  to be released on the 27rd of January 2014 and features 36 best-selling hit songs from days of old and new. With favorites, Christina Perri - A Thousand Years, Kenny G - Theme From Dying Young, Celine Dion - The Power Of Love 

My 6 Years Look Back through Facebook and how to download it

Not sure if Facebook is copying the idea of the #memoStatigram, but inconjunction with Facebook's 10th Anniversary, it seems that every FB user can get their own customized "Look Back" video featuring some of your Facebook moments. So here's mine:

Astro 马力 MaLi White Horse as CNY Gift #ongmali

Last week I received a CNY gift from Tesco Malaysia and it is a pair of cute soft toy named MaLi (马力). I've blogged about it (in Chinese) before - Astro马力全开庆丰年,一路有你梦飞扬 - 欢迎可爱"马力"!! I believe most of you guys who are Tesco's usual customer have seen it but I am gonna show you again and share with you what I think about the cute MaLi and its packaging.

Jom Makan AMAYC @ CNY 2014. HUAT AH!

Ever since the night before Chinese New Year 2014, we have start eating scrumptious meal everyday every night. It is surely fattening but since it is the festive season I don't mind eating a lot loo. If you guys doing the same, make sure you drink tons of plain water to balance your diet loo. Yesterday night as usual we had a reunion dinner at Long Feng Chinese Restaurant in Ramada Plaza Melaka. The food was great and I quite like their dishes especially this Cod Fish++. 

Since I am now still in CNY mode, it is time to eat AMAYC!! Eat more, regret later. Eat now, gym afterwards. Now, lets all get huat ah!!
PS: AMAYC means As Much As You Can

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