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World Hunger Relief Week

Today after finish work want to eat something special
So I went to IOI Mall
After walking around I have decided to have my lunch at A&W because of his Root Beer Float

The receptionist introduced me this
"Hawaiian Treasure Combo" Set
A RM2 donation for the children who need foods with a wristband given
It looks like what McD give last time

This is the burger I ordered
First time tasted a burger with pineapple inside and new flavor of sauce added
Maybe it is the pineapple that represent "Hawaii~"?

Last but not least, please watch this short clip to remind us something we might forget

Please donate to them whenever you are capable! :)

I was asked to take part in collecting old news paper with my friend for a charity and I refused

At here I would like to say sorry I didn't go with you all as I don't have the will to do that now
Maybe next time ?

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)