Finding Great Blog Topics [Blogging Tips]

If you run a blog, there's a strong chance that a week, a month, a year, or even ten years in, there'll come a day where you just won't know what to write about. That's okay - inspiration isn't a constant thing for anyone, and reading off a list can sometimes make the act of writing an interesting post feel robotic - which tends to come through in your finished post! So what do you do when looking at your blog and thinking "well, I'd better write something interesting"? The best thing you can do to start off with is to relax, unwind, and let your mind drift over what you've been thinking about today. It sounds random, but most good blogs are random! Author blogs, for example, are great if you're looking for writing advice, but this is somewhat misleading given that the author's not there to advise people - only to talk about what they're writing! But hearing them chat about anything from shopping to Partypoker makes them th

Life Inspired w David Yee @ Garibaldi Italian Restaurant, Bangsar

Li , short for Life Inspired – Asia’s first HD lifestyle television channel that showcases the five pillars of aspirational living: Food, Home, Wellness, Travel and Style – introduces the Faces of Li. They are David Yee from Malaysia, Angelique Teo from Singapore, Hannah Al Rashid from Indonesia and Jason Godfrey from Hong Kong. David Yee (Malaysia), Angelique Teo (Singapore), Hannah Al Rashid (Indonesia) and Jason Godfrey (Hong Kong) will be the host for LINK. Created in Asia by Asians, Li aims to bring a brand new way of inspired living to its viewers through its diverse plate of premier Asian programmes. A Li viewer is the affluent, cosmopolitan Asian urbanite who appreciates the rich variety of Asian-inspired content. Li is currently available on 12 platforms in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan, with more Asian countries to follow. The Faces of Li will host the channel’s short-form programming called the LINK , which airs regularly every day in b

BlackBerry Torch 9860 RM88 Lucky Winners @ Encorp Strand Red Carpet

Congratz to the 200 customer who queue up to grab the latest BlackBerry Torch 9860 at RM688 only! The 20 lucky draw winners are even happier because they get to have their brand new BlackBerry Torch 9860 at only RM 88 !! Wasn't that great?! I was there around 11AM and there was already a long queue queuing up to be the first 200. The weather was kinda hot but it didn't stop them to get their brand new torch. There is a guy who brought along a chair. Smart =) Celcom was helping the early birds to register and give out the lucky number Two early birds got their numbers =) Guess who is one of the lucky winner that got the BB at RM88 only~? There are BlackBerry Torch 9860, BlackBerry Bold 9900, BlackBerry Playbook and more gadget available for us to test out. Checking out customer details for pre-registration *muka stress pulak* I also queued up and got my lucky number - No. 98 Trying my luck to get the BlackBerry Torch at only RM88 Throwing my lucky number into the pot the swee