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Still remember when I asked if anyone know the title, singer of the song? You can refer to this link :] Melody-which-title-was-forgotten Today my sister told me who she is, hehe. She is Angela Aki ! The song is called " HOME " Thank you my sister ! Here is the live show of "HOME", she is very great when performing live too! You know what? The theme song - "Eye On me" in Final Fantasy VII was sang by her too Enjoy ^@^~ Sensai na ito de soboku na Machi ni shibari dukerareteta goro Miageru tabi ni sora wa utsushita, Haruka ni tooi sekai wo Chiisana basho wo ato ni shitekara Dorekurai mou tatsu no darou Home is calling Furusato kokoro no naka de ima demo Yasashiku hibiiteru Sabishi sa ga shimi tsuita Yume no nai yoru ni wa Anata wo yonde iru Tokai no sora ni yume wo takushite Kokoro wo gisei ni shiteru Yashin to ai no chouwa ga torezu Daremo ga samayotte iru Kazara nakatta seijitsu na hibi Kono goro naze ka koishiku omou Home is calling Furusato taezu ni

Malta or Milo ?

This morning 4 AM, my stomach wake me up. The turning inside my stomach makes me feel really bad... Diarrhea attack me since 4AM and I can't go back to sleep as the pounding pain is still inside of me even I ate some medicine. Therefore, I prefer to stay at living room to prepare for my second diarrhea as sometime when I keep walking in and out of the room sure I will cause disturbance to my roommate which can't have a nice nap during afternoon. Sitting in the living room without doing anything. Closing my eye and can't stop thinking of my next paper that I haven't finish study and try to ignore the pain. It is like just a while and the clock showed 7 AM and the sky getting brighter. After a few more war in the toilet then go back to sleep after feeling better. Waked up at 11 something then sleep back after eating porridge that was "da bao" by WeiXian. Thanks. Now I know how tired to be sick as I only wake up at 6 PM again and this is how I spend my half day

Tech marvels will be created out by using a $40 Wii Remote

Johnny Lee demos his amazing Wii Remote hacks, which transform the $40 game piece into a digital whiteboard, a touchscreen and a head-mounted 3-D viewer. A multi-ovation demo from TED2008. Imagine what else can a Wii remote do? 3D view in education, presentation, and also games. This might be the new tech combined with Wii to exert more fun and exciting uses. You will only know how smart Johnny Lee is and how cool his stuff will be by watching below video clip =) Enjoy!

Bukit Nanas Reserve Forest Trip

Bukit Nanas Reserve Forest Trip , originally uploaded by TC CHeN . Feedforward - Trip to Bukit Nanas Reserve Forest (KL Tower)


一提到保護眼睛視力,大家都會聯想到維生素A。其實,還有很多的營養素也和眼睛發展、視力保健有密切關係,因此,請幫助孩子多多從不同飲食內容來均衡攝取這些營養素,讓孩子不但吃得健康,更能吃出好視力! 避免眼睛乾澀的 --- 維生素 A   維生素A是黏膜細胞分化的必須成分,黏液不夠的話,眼睛就會乾澀、疲勞、充血,因此維生素 A 或是它的前身 -- 胡蘿蔔素可以幫助預防眼睛乾澀不適,甚至夜盲症與乾眼症。維生素 A 的食物來源包括動物肝臟、蛋黃、牛奶及奶製品、黃綠色的蔬菜瓜果──如花椰菜、南瓜、紅蘿蔔、芒果等。如果吃魚肝油,需要注意適量原則,九歲以下的兒童需要量不超過 4200IU ,十歲到十五歲之間大約 4600IU 。對小朋友而言如果一天內攝取 18,500IU ,會引起中毒現象,例如頭暈嘔吐、胃痛、拉肚子喔。 視覺細胞的維繫功臣 --- 維生素 B 群   眼睛有不少的視覺神經細胞,因此維持神經系統健康的大功臣──維生素 B 群,也和視力息息相關。中國人烹調食物喜歡煎煮炒炸,很容易破壞怕高溫的維生素 B1 ,加上大部分的人喜歡吃精緻食物,米麥的胚芽、外殼精華成分都被丟棄掉了,減少維生素 B1 攝取機會。維生素 B2 、 B6 、菸鹼酸、 B12 一起攝取效果最佳,主要在動物肝臟、乳類、瘦肉、綠葉蔬菜、豆類、小麥胚芽、糙米或胚芽米、啤酒酵母中最多,以複方維他命攝取效果比單方好。 保護眼球健康的 --- 維生素 C   維生素 C 主要功能是在抗氧化,防止視網膜受到紫外線傷害、防止水晶體老化,增加眼睛裡面的細小血管韌性、修護細胞,幫助增進眼球健康。基本上人體無法儲存維生素 C ,必須要每天從食物攝取,在深綠色及黃紅色蔬果裡面最多,還有番石榴、蕃茄、草莓、奇異果、葡萄柚等水果當中也很多,所以不愛吃水果的人要試著改變習慣。盡量勿服用單方的維生素 C 來補充,免得長期下來導致草酸或尿酸結石。   這三類對於眼睛健康相當重要的營養成分──維生素A、維生素B群、維生素C,應能在平日飲食中就可以足夠地的供應了,因此,爸媽只要注重孩子飲食種類的均衡,不要吃太多精緻與加工食物,再配合正常作息與用眼習慣,就能夠擁有健康明亮的雙眼喔! ( 奇蜜親子網專業編輯 ) ---------------------------------------------

Three more to go

Today had my first subject - Interpersonal Communication (IPC) I didn't did it well but I'm sure I wont take the sub-paper ;p Thanks Ms. Shiela and Catherine for their guidance and "blessing". If you got a target but still can't reach it "Do the best but expect the least" I'm sure this thought will make you feel a LOT better and You will be happier, wahaha! Hmm, better start prepare for the next three exam papers. Goodluck for those who are having an "exam event" and have a nice day for others! :) Below is a picture to share with you and the sentences inside also worth learning. In addition, here is a movie clip to share with you all Lost Generation Thanks Arashi for this and I would like to share this with more people. Listen carefully what she said ;p

One more day to challenge exam

There is only 33 hours left to have my first exam paper, Interpersonal Communication (IPC). Minus 8 hours of sleep it is 25 hours left. Minus 12 hours for eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and ... play. Left 12 hours! Haha, this it the total time left for me to study this subject. Sigh, I'm such a playful and lazy bug which prefer to write a blog than study my IPC. ------------------------------------- I'm going to graduate soon and still have no clues on what kind of job should I choose. There were so many people going for the interviews these day. Hmm, what can a biotechnologist do? Microbiologist,? Focus on fermentation works? Or produce biological-control fertilizer? It is still a "?" for me to choose which kind of job I prefer. All I can do is try hard for my LAST final exam. After the exam finish. Sure I will find the answer. Yeap, I will. ------------------------------------------ Quote for today: "聪明的人得失心重,有智慧的人则勇于取舍。" "祝福自己下一分钟惠友好是发生"