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RedNinja.TV Seminar by ruumz & P1

This happened early in April last year (2010), at last I wanna share this event today. Redninja.TV is a photography seminar which co-organized by ruumz and P1 during the time they are promoting the photo printing service at . That time already started this AIDSAware Campaign Have you support it ? I did. It is time to know more about AIDSAware Perfect lighting for portrait shoot =D Familiar face? =) This is Wiki Lee from Photo Expression (Australia) to give a talk regarding his coming photography seminar =) In short, he shared some tips about photography especially on how to handle client, reason why their service are not cheap +++ After what I listened I reprocessed the message and become this: "Be who you are, unique, once found the niche/market, keep it. Everything comes and goes with a trend, so predict it and execute it ahead from everybody." Above rules can be applied on both photography and blogging, or even your business~! =) My photography motto is &q

SohoKL Solaris Mont Kiara New Year Eve's Countdown 2011

After having dinner at Han Woo Ri Korean BBQ Reataurant , it is still early, therefore we all send Nicole home first cos the flu virus started their attack. Hope she get well soon! Rest of us went to SohoKL New Year Countdown @ Solaris Mont Kiara . Some silly thing happen as we "managed to" take three turns by passing the police road block, RM2 Bukit Kiara Tunnel toll (x2) then only manage to arrive Solaris Mont Kiara. *Maybe something blinding us* However luckily + look at the brightside, we still able to reach there before 12AM lol. Parked our car and spotted the cute duckling on the Myvi Seems like Husky is normal to be seen around the street "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die~" There were performance on the stage The crowd who came to SohoKL to celebrate new year 2011 and win lucky draw at the same time. Spotted Lady Gaga dance Dancer who Rock the World Reaching last 5 minutes of year 2010. Crowd were asked to stand up and sing Negarakuku prepare for the f

Han Woo Ri Korea BBQ Restaurant @ USJ Taipan

New Year Eve dinner @ Han Woo Ri Korea BBQ Restaurant (USJ Taipan) is an eye opener for me because different Korea taste plus the service provided is overwhelmed when it is one person serving one table only. WiFi provided for people who are skinny and have round limbs like Doraemon These are the side dishes arranged around the BBQ Stove. Colourful enough? Different sauces provided when you eat Korean food. "Da Chang Jin"! When you order BBQ, the servant will cook for you and change the steel cooking plate everytime the plate become sticky. I remember he changed at least 10 of that steel plate during BBQ. Not sure if it is because New Year Eve some of the workers having break. He not only serving us but also serving other customer too. So you will notice all the worker running here and there and must act fast send new side dish, BBQ for you and make sure it is not over cook. Ends up we get our tea refill by ourselves instead of waiting for them. They are just too busy. We o