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Let's Get Positive with Astro's Positive Engine this Merdaka!!

Registration going on for Bloggers and Churpers to join the Mission Impossible @ Mid-Valley Megamall In conjunction with Malaysia’s 56th Independence Day , Astro celebrates the best of Malaysia through a variety of activities on air, online and on ground to spread positivity and happiness. They are the #gobeyond and #UrMalaysianIsShowing campaigns, as well as the launch of a new music video, entitled “Excuse me Sir, your Malaysian is showing” . Me along with many bloggers and social media evangelist were invited for Astro Celebrates Merdeka Event which was held at Mid Valley Megamall last Saturday. There was a huge crowd at the Astro booth to witness what was going to happen and I saw Geraldine Gan and KY Tha Jie Ying's fan who were dressed in red and yellow waiting to meet their idols. Weon, Geraldine, Lisa Surihani, Jie Ying and Aznil at Astro Merdeka Event Among the celebrites who have attended the event included 赵洁莹, Astro本地圈艺人颜慧萍, 关萃汶 and MY FM DJ贾森.

Cartoon TianChad - Cute Blog Header

After having my previous BrogaHill's blog banner for so long (even after Christmas), it is time for a new banner to give a little bit fresh look! How I wish I have the Illustration skills to do all these. Can you spot the character through this banner? Checkered shirt, camera+photos, blog logo ++ PS: I guess my head is real big haha All thanks to Citra, the talented illustrator and designer from . I stumble upon her blog and has quickly fall in love with her cute arts/comic. Yesh I like cute stuff, don't you like it too? Congratz her for getting the new iPhone 4s too. "An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctors Away" - Go check out Citra's portfolio now for and get her creative mind to work for you! I bet you will like it as I do. So, do you like my new blog banner? =) Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @Ti

MySelangorStory 2011 Winner Announcement @ Thai Express

MY SELANGOR STORY 2011 AWARD CEREMONY @ THAI EXPRESS, THE CURVE 3rd March 2012 Guest of Honor: YB Elizabeth Wong It was a sunny weekend and I was a bit late to arrive. Nigel was the first thing I saw, who was snapping photos around the event venue. (his flash gun++ haha) No one can beat his huge ass DSLR! Since last minute we were allowed to bring friends along. I brought along Wern and Nicole =D Wanna thank you both for always supporting me! Do you remember Nicole was the MSS2012 blogger who won "The Most Creative Awards"? She's back to blogging scene so drop by her blog! Blogging buddy checking out Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 own by Feeq . You can join this Samsung GALAXY Tab 7..7 Contest to win one now! My act-cute-scene accidentally being captured by Nigel Finger food being served by Thai Express Amelia Tan from Horizon Communications gave a welcome speech. Dian was giving some speech too while waiting for YB Elizabeth Wong's arrival. YB Elizabeth Wong arrived

DiGi Pimp My Music - First iPhone App for Unlimited Music

DiGi Pimp My Music party was organized at Zouk Club . I was kinda late to arrive at the party. Blame the Malaysia's traffic + rainy day? It happen more often with this rainy season now, so everyone drive safe! Was surprised to see Jessica (Lady Gaga) and Nicole(Sun Mi)' s out fit. Both wearing a wig~ Nicole doesn't look like Sun Mi? Check out this post Daphne , Yatz and Natasha The three doll-like ladies - Nicole, Rachel and RedButtockz Nuffies were up on stage to dance. Spot the rockstar Michelle =) Sha @ TehTarikMemoir come as Michael Buble and he sang. I personally like Michael Buble's song because it is hard to learn his singing tempo One of my favourite song = "Haven't Met You Yet" First time captured Lionel@DustyHawk's cute side lol Who come as Jason Mraz Ickes @ Elvis with his guitar and the recognizable Elvis's shirt Isroxck @ Marilyn Manson 's face was red when he is rocking with the song Took a picture with the four finalist.