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Smelly Day After an Unexpected Terrorism

Today was a smelly day for me and all my colleagues ;p As if some of you haven't know I am working as a R&D Executive under fermentation category. I have start a fermentation culture since last week and it deteriorated when I come back yesterday. So decided to sterilize (kill the microbes) it before wash the fermenter. I used the autoclave machine to sterilize the fermenter and guess what?? Due to the culture was deteriorated, it has already smelly. After sterilization, I was almost suffocated by the odor emitted out from the machine when I opened the cabinet . I quickly closed the door and opened the windows nearby to get those smell out of there... But I failed and the smell spread to the office area which is far away from the lab. Some of my colleague searching for the source and thought it was coming out from the air conditioner. And they finally found out it was the smell of my over-cooked culture and my fault for not using the deodorizer specially used with auto

My fur gone!

Yesterday noon, I was doing experiment in lab. I want to do Gram-Stain and need to use Bunsen Burner. My colleague is doing experiment too and she is using the Bunsen Burner So I use another one but the gas tank is finished so I had to change. So I get a new gas tank and changed it. Just in seconds, something happened. First, I heard the gas is leaking from the new gas tank and I quickly turn it tightly. I thought it will be just some leaking gas but... *Boom* Yeah, the leaked gas was ignited... The flame formed is double of that size showed in the picture My colleague was shocked and stunt when she saw the big flame Luckily there wasn't much leaking gas...If not sure I won't blogging at here right now... After I put off the fire I quickly drench my hands with a lot of cold water. Initially I didn't feel anything but I start feel pain after a while... Why would the gas ignited? Because without precaution I didn't notice there is a lighted up Bunsen burner beside