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XPLAY @ Aquasonic Sunway Pyramid. Elecoldxhot & Sexy Fire FTW!

Still remember the event I shared not long ago? Not only I get to party with XPLAY Hot Girl DJs , I also get to party with some Hot Malaysia Bloggers too! Before us bloggers went to Aquasonic @ Sunway Pyramid for XPLAY, we went to Rainforest for dinner first! Thank you Xpax for the treat =D Delicious dinner served at Rainforest Bistro, just opposite of Aquasonic Blogger friends including Joshua Ong , Isaac Tan , Tony Teh & Iris Loong , Jane @ Chuckei , Ashley @ Ashohtonic , Nana and of course all the Churpies who were with us together for that night party.   Me of course with le girlfriend who is getting bigger with her Instagram =D Check out @Redbuttockz 's Instagram! A group picture of us at the entrance of Aquasonic @Sunway Pyramid for XPLAY 2012!! Empty stage @ Aquasonic My guess was right as we were there a tit-bit too early for night party. It was empty as we were the first few to arrive hahaha! Well the good thing is Aquasonice doe

XPLAY Party with 15 Hot Girl DJs! Join me @ Aquasonic this Saturday!

XPLAY is Back, Party People! By now, you would know that XPLAY is *THE* party series of the year. Last year, XPLAY hit clubs in Sunway, JB, KK and Penang, bringing hot local, regional and even international acts to light up your nights and it was absolutely craaaaaazy!  XPLAY 2012: 15 Hottest female DJS, 5 Hottest Clubs for you to party all day all night! This time round XPLAY is going to show how the ladies do it. They’ve got 15 top hottest female DJs from Italy, Ukraine, Thailand, Singapore and from all over the world, including our homegrown DJs. They’ll be hitting up some of the hottest clubs in Melaka, Kuching, KL, Penang and KK and you’re invited to party with them all night long! XPLAY has drop by at clubs in Melaka and KuchingThree more places to go!    XPLAY is Back: Sexier, Bolder and Bigger Than Ever! The first two XPLAY parties hit Melaka and Kuching last weekend they were EXPLOSIVE! Both Mixx Club and Rush Artistry were jam packed