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World Walking Day: See you at Putrajaya this 28 Oct!

World Walking Day with Nestle on 28 Oct 2012 Running, hopping, swimming, skipping or dancing suits you more? I've seen so many Marathon events going on and I myself joined a few too. This is my first time heard about World Walking Day in Malaysia ! World Walking Day with Nestle on 28 Oct 2012 Ever feel bored of running and exercise inside the gym? I do! As for me I prefer swimming to keep fit. It was fun to join marathon too but most of the time I walk instead of run as I will carry my heavy DSLR along hahaha. Guess what? I am really happy when Nestle came out with World Walking Day . Yes! I can walk with two thousand people, have free breakfast, free t-shirt and lucky draw too. Best thing is you don't need to pay to participate in World Walking Day by Nestle on 28th October 2012 . It's FREE! World Walking Day 2011 @ Putrajaya Last year there was an event for World Walking day too. The Putrajaya Walk itself has garnered 4,000 participants and in