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Malaysia's First WiMAX-Inside 4G Laptops Launch | Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa

Yesterday(29th June 2010) was the launch of Malaysia's First WiMAX-Inside 4G Laptops at Sunway Resort Hotel and Spa. I would say the venue was nicely decorated and there are lots of people who drop by for the launch. Saw the huge laptop in the ballroom? The moment where VIP arrive Debjani Ghosh, Southeast Asia Director of Intel Corporation made a talk sharing about the future of everything connected together. Facebook can be the 3rd largest country =D A photo specially for Deb's Facebook Profile Picture? Haha Malaysia's first WiMAX-Inside 4G laptops has been launched with six PC OEMs (Asus, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, MSI and Toshiba) and all the laptops had Intel’s embedded WiMax + WiFi chip (Centrino Advanced-N + WiLax 6250). With 4G Laptop you can move further to other place for wireless internet connection. However first of all the WiMax coverage must be enough to cover all area and enough for all the user in that area. I am sure P1WiMax is always doing