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Ace of Angels #AOA @ 2013 Asia Super Showcase Press Con | Renoma Cafe Gallery

Ace of Angels #AOA @ 2013 Asia Super Showcase Press Con | Renoma Cafe Gallery Since my FB account will be disabled for another 24 hours, here's a photo of Ace of Angels [AOA] who attended the 2013 Asia Super Showcase Press Conference this evening at Renoma Cafe Gallery . (I usually post on FB Page first...) This photo can almost become a great AOA group picture with everyone's eye contact on my camera. Unfortunately Choa looked somewhere else haha. Overall, they are very friendly =) PS: Thanks to MY FM DJ Jeff陈浩然 helping me to redirect their attention, which create this photo. PPS: Their long legs looks red in colour because of the red spotlight in the cafe. 2013 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia        Date: 12 MAY 2013   Time: 8:00pm    Venue: Stadium Merdeka, KL Jointly organized by Marctensia Concerts and Universal Music Malaysia, and supported by Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) and Ministry of Tourism Malaysia the “Asia Super Showcas

Girls’ Generation Singapore Tour 2011 [Contest by Universal Music]

2011 GIRLS GENERATION TOUR @ SINGAPORE 10th December, Saturday, 6pm Singapore Indoor Stadium The wait has just been made shorter and sweeter. The much-anticipated number 1 Asian Girl Group's first solo concert in Singapore "2011 Girls’ Generation Tour” will be held on 9 December, 8pm at the Singapore Indoor Stadium ! Girls’ Generation consists of nine girls in their 20s and they’ve hit a global phenomenon with their dance moves, saccharine-sweet smiles and slender long legs. The nine members: Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun . They are often referred to as SNSD , an acronym of the group’s Korean name So Nyuh Shi Dae . 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour in Singapore will showcase a 3-hour visual treat of sexily choreographed dance moves , along with a visual play of effects including laser beams, LED screens, trapezes and elevated platforms. The popular nine-member girl group will perform across two stages and strut alo

Zee Avi @ Rumah Kids Charity Event | Crocs

Today gonna share about the charity event that was organized at Rumah Kids and Zee Avi is the special guest who pay a visit! You can read my previous post where my first time visit Rumah Kids for Crocs Shoes Donation . Colourful Crocs Shoes for each and every kids in Rumah Kids~! The kids are happy with their new comfortable shoes =) The cute Simon got a pair for himself too! We are the Crocs bloggers who are there to cover the event =D Glad to see Zee Avi appear in this charity event. Isn't she a caring person? =) Like her bright smile Zee Avi helping the kids to get their dishes. She hang out with the kids too. We bloggers also have fun with kids too. Haha =) MD of Kinderdljk(including Crocs), his wife, Zee Avi and Rumah Kid's Big Guy ChrisTock and Joanne can be a happy family with Simon (hints) Glad that able to take a close up photo of Zee Avi. Thanks~! And also a photo with Zee Avi too~! I would like to thanks Crocs for this =D Zee Avi can be funny too =) [That's