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Lifehouse and Sam Dowden joining Twin Towers @Live 2014

Lifehouse performing @ Twin Towers @Live 2014 Weekend is coming to an end but a new week starting soon! Just to share with you guys that Lifehouse , the American Rock Band and   Sam Dowden , the talented guitarist and song writer from London is coming to Malaysia for the upcoming Twin Towers @Live 2014 concert in Malaysia. So far the whole artist line-up seems like more to adults instead of youngsters. Hopefully there will be another new announced artist/group that will attract youngsters to this concert soon. If you can choose your favourite musician to perform in Malaysia, who would that be? =) 

RAIN, Craig David to perform @ TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2014!

RAIN performing at TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2014  29 March 2014 (Saturday) 6PM @ Plaza Peronas KLCC Local K-pop fans will have plenty of reasons to rock up to Plaza PETRONAS, KLCC as RAIN makes a triumphant return to the live music scene. The Korean superstar is the first of a series of artists to be announced for the annual extravaganza. He will be performing on Saturday, 29 March 2014 , the second night of the two-night Twin Towers @Live 2014 concert . Rain represents the next in a long line of Korean icons to have made an appearance at the concert, after Girls’ Generation, 2NE1, Wonder Girls and U-KISS. Twin Towers @Live has made a name for itself in the Malaysian calendar of events for bringing in artistes sure to suit everyone’s beat, from rock (Hoobastank and Orianthi) and R&B/dance (Kelis) to house (DJ Tatsuro and DJ Face). Head turning performances by Demi Lovato and Backstreet Boys last year remains fresh in the minds of the attendees. Rain, otherwise known as J

Elecoldxhot @ F1 Twin Towers @live 2012 Dance Performance Photos/Video

Elecoldxhot @ F1 Twin Towers @live 2012 Elecoldxhot is one of the famous dance group in Malaysia ever since they won 8TV Show Down 2011 . Malaysian who watch 8TV sure at least know about them right? Some people feel bored of them but still there are tons of dancers/fans who like to see them perform. Although in my opinion there are some dance moves that has been show again and again, there's always something new in their choreograph. As of this time at F1 Twin Towers @live Concert 2012, they perform earlier than Girls' Generation (as the ladies need more time to get ready) and I think they did well by incorporating a few K-Pop songs in their dance performance. The most memorable song no doubt is Hyuna's Bubblepop! maybe that's why there were female dancers performing this time. Are they another hot dancing group/ students of Elecoldxhot dance studio? You tell me. Between I don't have zoom lens with me that night and I was kinda far away from the stage. anyway hop

@GirlsGeneration SNSD Twin Towers @live Concert 2012 Gorgeous Photos

Girls' Generation SNSD at F1 Twin Towers @live Concerts [Photo] This photo was randomly chosen and edited using Samsung GALAXY Tab 7.7 , therefore you might notice closed eyes BUT they still look beautiful right? Nyahaha Just back from Twin Towers @live 2012 featuring SNSD & Nicole Scherzinger tonight and to celebrate the first time SNSD perform in Malaysia I am gonna post up some photos! Gonna random choose as my eyes are tired but still wanna share with you guys! Only 8 members of Girls Generation @ Twin Towers @live Concert 2012 Too bad Yuri wasn't free to be here just now! Girls' Generation at Twin Towers @live Concert 2012 [Malaysia] Their hands =D Girls' Generation at Twin Towers @live Concert 2012 Their legs =D [Less one pair hahaha] Girls' Generation at Twin Towers @live Concert 2012 I dun like during the ending of every songs the spotlights went off. Left out with huge shadows on SNSD face... Girls' Generation at Twin Towers @live Concert 2

Twin Towers @live 2012 Line-up: SNSD, Nicole Scherzinger, Orianthi & Kelis

Twin Towers @live 2012 Line-up: SNSD, Nicole Scherzinger, Orianthi & Kelis Twin Towers Alive 2012: Gates open at 6.30pm on both nights 23rd March 2012 (Friday): Nicole Scherzinger, Girls' Generation, James Baum, Reshmonu, DJ Nadine, hosted by Jojo Struys 24th March 2012 (Saturday): Orianthi, Kelis, Faizal Tahir, DJ Nikki, hosted by Deborah Henry The forthcoming TWIN TOWERS @LIVE 2012 is proud to announce the addition of Greek Australian rock guitarist sensation Orianthi to the artiste line-up set to perform at the base of the PETRONAS Twin Towers. The first of the two-day free-to-public concert will see American singer, songwriter and dancer Nicole Scherzinger joined by Korean pop girl-group Girls’ Generation , Malaysia’s top artistes James Baum , Reshmonu and DJ Nadine will take to the stage on Friday, 23 March 2012. Taking to the stage as the show’s host is model, actress and TV personality Jojo Struys . Joining the show’s A-list cast of internationa

Bunkface @ Twin Towers@live KL 2011 w The Azenders

BunkFace finally on stage for Twin Towers@live KL Concert 2011 . Seen their face so often recenly especially after TM Everyone Connect campaign Sam - Vocal, Guitar Pa'an - Lead Guitar Youk - Bass - Backup Vocal This time more photos of Youk instead of Pa'an as he is kinda good at posing when playing his guitar. Sam Sam with stars sunglasses Pose with guitar When Pa'an and Youk plays together "You, like my fluffy hairs?" Sam said they are like 3 Justin Bieber with wavy hairs My best shot for Pa'an Now featuring Youk from Bunface Leading us to clap hands. *I can't because time to take more photos* When Youk fling his hairs I somehow like this photo of Youk And this one too when Youk cross over to stand nearer to the crowd When all three of them are together - BunkFace rock the stage =) This is what I mean, a fans from Iran Drummer The moment Sam wanna kiss someone *Any better caption?* "We have one last song to perform together with Azenders befor