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Tough but Fun GSC 100PLUS Treasure Hunt!

Here comes the post of me with other 399 participants wake up early in the morning and get ready for GSC 100PLUS Treasure Hunt ! Remember what's my team name called~? Please refer to my previous post about GSC 100PLUS Treasure Hunt . Below is the group photo of all the participants~! Remember to click on it to enlarge and spot yourself inside~! *Click to Enlarge* I arrived quite early that day, luckily got serve us breakfast for coming early ;p Me, Ruby , Eyriqazz and Suresh the Team G+ representing Nuffnang to take part the treasure hunt in Press Category. This is my first time participate a treasure hunt that need to drive~! Along the whole trip, there are some easy and super tough questions that we need to solve. But all the answers are on the shop sign-board one. Besides that, we have some physical challenge too. This is Eyriqazz shooting the ball into goal with the Don't-play-play PCK. Didn't know he is good at football/futsal =D Ah, I admit I am a "kaki bang

We Won RM900++ Worth Prizes from GSC Treasure Hunt!

Another quick post, managed to survive through this GSC 100 PLUS Treasure Hunt and we the Team G+ representing new media Nuffnang manage to grab back Sony USB Media Player, Nestle hamper, GSC Movie Vouchers x4 [each of us~!] This is how my car looks like after decorated with the stickers. Red colour is the "ong" colour! Haven't take out the stickers today because I am now super tired but cannot not posting this up. Here is my participating team members - Ruby , Suresh , Eyriqazz and myself. There are both easy and super hard questions that we need to answer. However, I am glad that we the newbie of treasure hunt under media category are manage to beat Harian Metro dan Sin Chew team! Hoho. *glamour abit* I thought we are gonna get the last prizes one, but with the helps from friends we are doing even better! To those who answer the question through Twitter, we do appreciate for your help~! Thanks ya love ya! So this is one of my prizes. SONY USB Media Player SMP-U10