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5 Things you can do with Toshiba Pro Theatre L5400 Series Android TV [Review]

Toshiba Pro Theatre L5400 Series - USB Movie LED TV with Android Thanks to Toshiba, recently I got this new Android TV to play at home and I've decided to share my feedback on this Toshiba Pro Theatre L5400 Series with the latest Android 4.4 Operating System. The Toshiba Pro Theatre L5400 is equipped with the  CEVO ENGINE PREMIUM - The new dual core video engine that enables significantly enhances audio and video processing capability, as well as gaming performance. The powerful audio and video processing capability drives numerous new features such as Intelligent Scene Optimizer , Intelligent Auto View , and Audio Source Filtering .  In addition, the powerful graphics capability enhances your gaming experiences so that you can enjoy graphic-aware applications such as racing games and action games in a big screen. Toshiba Pro Theatre L5400 Series Specification Product Type: LED TV (DIRECT) WITH ANDROID Screen Type: 40-inch TV Series: L5400 A