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Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant @ Genting Theme park Hotel [Review]

[This blogpost is a continuation of my Chinese Cuisine trip to Genting Highland] After we had our breakfast at Hainan Express , we then wander around Genting and went to the park where you can see Chin Swee Temple . Amazing morning scenery from Theme Park Hotel If you like cool weather and fresh air together with good scenery view, you must not miss out this park that is just located beside Genting Theme Park Hotel. The air here was really refreshing and surely make you feel relaxed. After that, I went to walk around other places in Genting and snapped some photos. Will share this in another blogpost instead. Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant 快乐谷海鲜餐厅 So quick! It's time for lunch! Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant is located at the lobby of Theme park Hotel . Operation hours are 6.00am to 10.30am for Buffet breakfast priced RM22++(adult) and RM11++(child), 12.00pm to 2.30pm for lunch and 5.30pm to 9.30pm dinner daily. All seafood are priced accordingly to daily marke

Hainan Express 海南快餐店 @ Theme Park Hotel

On the second day of our Genting Chinese Cuisine trip , I woke up early in the morning feeling hungry. Took a hot bath and feeling happy to see the green scenery through my hotel room. Morning view of the Chin Swee Temple shining with the sunlights, people doing exercise at the garden. I couldn't wait to have my breakfast! Coffee and tea were provided in our room @ Theme Park Hotel *not with empty stomach* Hainan Express 海南快餐店 @ Theme Park Hotel After everyone gathered up at the lobby, we went to Hainan Express , which is just located beside a bookstore and Watson. Many tables there so no worries about having good seats. Looks-Real-Display set on the rack @ Hainan Express French Toast with Peanut Butter @ RM3.50++ Below are the foods that we have ordered: Hainan Express's Breakfast Set 1 Chicken Ham, Fried Egg, Baked Beans, Toast, served with Coffee / Tea Hainan Express's Breakfast Set 2 Sausages, Fried Egg, Baked Be

Genting Palace @ Maxims Genting Hotel [Review]

Restoran Genting Palace @ 2nd Floor, Maxims Genting Hotel After our succulent lunch at Ming Ren Restaurant , we then check in to our room at Theme Park Hotel to have a short-rest. Didn't do much thing except going around Genting Highlands to check out the crowd. Time passed really fast and we were at Restoran Genting Palace for dinner already! Check out all the dishes below that will cost you around RM2,500 . Thank you Genting for the treat! Genting Palace is the place to head to for authentic Cantonese cuisines . Located at maxims Genting, the restaurant has long been a favourite of visitors to Genting Highlands Resort for its wide selection of dishes, comfortable dining area and friendly service. Apart from the tantalizing selection of dishes that are available in the menu, the restaurant also offers Dim Sum and Monthly Specialties . This restaurant is an ideal venue for dinner gathering with family and friends and corporate functions. You should try Genting pala