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Instagram Is Down: Electrical Storm in Virginia

Instagram is down because of the electrical storm strike *Picture reffered from Facebook share* How was your day without your Instagram dosage? Out of sudden Instagram wasn't able to load on my Samsung Tab and the similar page as above was showed up: "Instagram is down :( An electrical storm in Virginia has affected most of our servers. As we speak, our team of engineers are working hard to restore service." Well, as usual the first thing that I did after woke up is to check out my Instagram photo-stream, always inspired to see some of the photos people shared (especially artistic and family portrait). However it just stop functioning today by showing the error page. By referring back to the last and latest friend's Instagram update, total down time for Instagram is around 13 hours . [Yes, While I am typing this, Instagram is working now where you can check out your friend's photo but you can upload new photo only] Just that the function of checking your updates

Why Adobe Flash , YouTube Not Working on Firefox [Solution @ 22 June]

Adobe Flash Player 11.3.300.262 not working on latest Firefox YouTube not working on Firefox? Can't upload picture to Facebook with Firefox? Did you guys face the same problem as I did? After installed and upgraded to the latest Adobe Flash Player you are not able to watch YouTube video and upload multiple photos on Facebook . Everytime it shows error occur and you need to download flash player? All thanks to the new version of Adobe Flash Player where they made a new update which IS NOT COMPATIBLE with certain website. After google and some reading I finally found a solution for this problem, which is to uninstall the latest version and install your previous working version of Adobe Flash Player. [Make sure your Internet Security/Antivirus is functioning as Adobe always update their security "loophole" into their a new Flash Player] "Uninstall Flash player. Restart your PC (Optional). Then, download

Astro On-The-Go: My New Way to Enjoy Korean Drama!

BIGBANG - MONSTER MV Have you seen the new BIGBANG MV - Monster ? Imagine 'Monster' is a sci-fi movie that you enjoy watching and you will know how the story end in 30 minutes, suddenly you need to leave to do something else....Potong stim right? Don't you wish you can take the whole screen with you and know what's the ending? Or when you are watching the latest block buster on HBO at home then your friend arrives to pick you up and you have to be on your way. Don't you feel frustrated and want to know the ending of the movie? Now with Astro On-The-Go , it is possible that you can catch your favourite show until the end! Watch Astro with your iPad now! From now on, you can watch the best of Astro on smartphones, tablets or laptops with Astro On-The-Go —an innovative service which delivers non-stop entertainment anytime, anywhere. With Astro On-The-Go, customers can enjoy immediate access to Astro TV Channels, LIVE Events, Video-On-Demand (VOD) an

Friendster - A Fun Gaming Social Platform!

How do you expand your social network and make friends from people all around the world?? It was made possible with current technology and of course a good social networking website. Life is never fun without games, therefore if you like to play games, especially if you want to have a fun gaming time with new friends, Friendster is the place for you to be! I was at the Apartment KLCC with a few more awesome bloggers for the relaunch of Friendster, as the new social platform with exciting games awaiting you. Iris, TC, CikLilyPutih, RabiatulAdawiyah, Nikel Khor and Joshua Ong together at the relaunch of Friendster The skinny & pretty MC of the event *hello* Pioneering social networking site, Friendster officially announced its redesign as a social discovery and gaming platform that offers users a unique experience which enables social discovery, games and rewards in Malaysia today following its global launch in Manila in April 2012. Mr. Ganesh Kumar Bang