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Do you Believe in Resurrection?? Sometimes I hope there is a way to...

Her son reappear again after deceased for 30 years... - Do you believe in Resurrection?? If one day you found out that your deceased loved ones return after 30 years, would you accept him back?? What if he was different?? Recently I saw this new TV series on LifeAsia's website and its synopsis caught my curiosity. "Resurrection" - Being the Number 1 new scripted series in US, talking about a boy named Jacob who died 30 years ago and suddenly reappear in a rural Chinese province with no idea how he get there. You may watch the first episode of Resurrection HERE .

Justice In The City 庭外和解 @NTV7 First Legal TV Series | Shaun Chen & Chris Tong

Justice In The City 庭外和解 - ntv7 airs its 1st legal series Tonight, 10th September, ntv7 will be airing its 1st legal series – Justice in the City – during its primetime slot every Monday to Thursday at 9.30 p.m. The 30-episode series which centers on a group of young lawyers in the country, features renowned actors and actresses in Malaysia including Shaun Chen, Chris Tong, Remus Kam, Soo Wincci, Emily Lim, and Elvis Chin . Shaun Chen @ Justice In The City 庭外和解 Press Conference Shaun who is known for his antagonist roles on a number of top-rated drama series, rejoiced over his character in Justice in the City, where he plays “Qiu Jian Zhi” , a 26 year old civil litigation lawyer, who often stands up for others and works for pro bono. “This is a breakthrough role for me where my character, Jian Zhi, is a highly intelligent lawyer and has a sense of justice. This is also one of my most challenging roles so far as the script has really heavy lines, which took me quit