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iTalk WHOA! All In One

Nowadays most of us have different password for different account. Even with just email account we have Hotmail,Yahoo Mail, Gmail and so on. I am sure most of us have different password for security purpose right? What bout Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and so on? Without recording all the details down we might forget the password or even the username itself. This time, Telekom Malaysia (TM) prepared a new platform called iTalk WHOA! to make our life easier. iTalk WHOA! lets you stay connected with your friends abroad with FREE internet calls. Plus, you can also send e-mails and check your friend’s Facebook and Twitter updates! You can do all that with just one click without the hassle of logging in to several websites! iTalk WHOA! Brand New Platform By using iTalk WHOA! , we just need to key in once for all the password of email and social media. After that, all we need to remember is the password for iTalk WHOA! . By just login to iTlak WHOA! Platform, all our social m