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St. Patrick's Festival @ 1 Utama 2010

I am back from Guinness St Patrick's Festival @ 1 Utama Central Park just now. Same as the wallpaper below, we have fireworks in the air =) Traffic jam is always there whenever St. Patrick Day [Guiness] arrive I kinda like this Guinness pint which made up of balloons =D And this year the theme is LOL[Laugh out Loud] Thanks to all the comedian for making ppl having a fun night =) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My friend is participating the Slurpee LOL Video contest and she need your generous vote as support. I am sure you like to get good karma by doing some good right? Watch the video HERE and vote for her ~! PS: Your kindly patience is required as registration and verification is a must. I am sure I will reward you guys in future, trust me~! ;p