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Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

What is Project Alpha? Project Alpha is Malaysia's Local Online TV series about top bloggers in Malaysia and you can get to know more about the blogger through video with sounds instead of still picture only. I have met most of them in one of the Project Alpha Adidas Roadshow. I will just straight to the point, below are the best bits of Project Alpha Season 1 for each featured bloggers~! FourFeetNine - A lady who is tiny in size and kinda cute when you saw her. This episode is her best bits in Project Alpha. I can feel that Audrey is so weak till need a big guy like Timothy Tiah to protect her. Gym is definitely not her thing but "Shopping" is the magic word that makes her move. RedMummy - Same as her nickname, RedMummy is a big fans of red colour and you can see that in this episode. How many pairs of red shoes on the rack? In the house almost all the furniture are red in colour. Kinda like the photo frames. Gratz that she manage to form a GBM [Gang Blog Mera