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Tongin Market (통인시장) - Build Your Own Lunchbox with Brass Coins

Tong in Traditional Market 通仁市場  (통인시장) - Build Your Own Lunchbox with Brass Coin If you ask me what's interesting in Seoul other than the shopping street and cafe, I think Traditional Korean Markets should be a place to visit too. Today I want to introduce you  Tongin Market (통인시장 ), a place where you will able to try different local food at one same place with the fun of getting your food with Yeopjeon (엽전) , their traditional brass coins. Tongin Market established in 1941, a market originally caetred ofr local need, has now become a place with Dosirak Cafe (도시락카페) , a cafeteria where you can enjoy your lunchbox located at the middle part of Tongin Market. This Tonging Traditional Market is located near Gyeongbokgung Palace . Hence you will see tourists in beautiful Hanbok come here and have their meal. 

Amazing Seoul City View After Typhoon #droneoftheday

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Sungnyemun Gate At Night

Sungnyemun Gate At Night During my trip to Seoul for 2017 Asian Cultural Young Leaders' Camp, Sungnyemun Gate is one of the building structure that caught my eyes the first time I saw it. This traditional building structure is located right in the middle of the modern city with car and buses pass by from time to time. Took the above picture while crossing the zebra line as that's the best spot to present the beauty of this Korea's National Treasure.

Kyobo Book Store Gwanghwamun 교보문고 광화문점 #TCTravel

Kyobo Book Store Gwanghwamun 교보문고 광화문점  Instead of compiling everything that I did in Korea last week, I would like to share some captured moments that tell the ambiance in this special place -   Kyobo Bookstore @ GwangHwamun Seoul. We went to this book store with Rano, Khulan and Ogia .  I was amazed with what I saw and feel in here.  The reading vibes is pretty strong here consider it is a weekday and night time. Check out the photos below and I can assure you it worth a visit. There's only one problem in this place, 90% of the books are in Korean so we spent most of our time in the International book corner hahaha. For more information about Kyobo Book Store, visit (Korean only).

15 THINGS TO BUY IN KOREA - Spicy Ramyeon, Honey Butter Almond ...

15 THINGS TO BUY IN KOREA - Spicy Ramyeon, Banana Milk, Honey Butter Chip & Almond Ever wonder what are the things to buy in Korea in year 2017 ? That's the question I ask to myself and thanks to my awesome friends on Facebook they have recommended many good stuff and I would like to share with you the list of things to buy in Korea , or should I say things to buy in Seoul, Korea? The first 5 are my favourites things to get in Korea. Do note that the list below are just my personnel recommendation only. So please choose the one you like the most or recommend me other stuff if I missed them out =)