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Spritzer Tinge Video Shooting @ Bukit Jalil Park

One day, Feeq asked me to help him out in a video shooting, which is a love story involving Spritzer Tinge. I've always wanted to try something new and here come a chance! Early in the morning, meet up with Feeq and Zaidi for breakfast. Later then, went to fetch Afikah before heading to Bukit Jalil Park. Well, my first time sitting in Feeq's Kancil and it was challenging to start its engine haha Feeq and Zaidi brought their camera and some tools+props for video shoot *Buckle up!* Setting up tripod for stable video recording after found a right framing area. Zaidi was the back scene photographer. This photo was taken by Zaidi while we were doing video shooting. Saw me scratching my leg? Note to self, never ever wear short pants whenver you are heading to a park or forest that's full of mosquitoes! I was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes (not sure is Nyamuk Aedes or not...) and it was so torturing scratching my hands and legs. Yeah I can has polka-dots on my legs In the