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Lost World of Tambun - Must Try Ride #TCTravel

Lost World of Tambun's Must Try Ride: 660m Adventure River It has been a while since I blogged about a fun place to go for family. So yeah I am going to introduce you Sunway's Lost World of Tambun. The reason I was there was merely because I won two all-day tickets and it was my friends and family member's birthday month to enjoy Sunway Pal Buy-1-Free-1 promotion for the family outing. Due to traffic jam, we didn't manage to arrive early at this place hence this time I only manage to explore the waterpark area, Tiger Valley and the Hot-Spring section in this huge theme park. Lost World of Tambun Ticket Price at RM58/adult and RM51/kid Lost World of Tambun Ticket Price is currently set at RM58/adult and RM51/kid. If you are senior citizen your ticket price will be RM51 too. I wonder why only cheaper 7 ringgits, is it because too many senior citizen in Ipoh visiting here? Hahaha! Below are my review of Lost World of Tambun based on the short time I&#

Lee Kwang Soo In Malaysia 2016 @ Samsung GALAXY S7 edge Launch #LeeKwangSoo

Lee Kwang Soo In Malaysia 2016 @ Samsung GALAXY S7 edge Launch | Suria KLCC Long story short, it was a fun Samsung S7 edge launch today at Suria KLCC because Lee Kwang Soo, the handsome Running Man host in black suit was the special guest of the day. Fans of KwangSoo been swarming KLCC early in the morning just to see him in person. I can say 90% are female fans and I would be one of the rare male fans who like his humour and how he treat and reward his fans who couldn't get closer than anyone else. Other than special appearance at Samsung GALAXY S7 edge launch in Malaysia, Kwang Soo also signed autographs for more than 100 over people who got the special cardboard passes. Some lucky LKS fans even get to take selfie with Kwang Soo himself!! It was a little chaos near the end of the event and you should really watch this video log that I did by sacrifice my time for the gym of the day. So yeah, do watch it and give it a thumbs up or share!!