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Zee Avi @ Rumah Kids Charity Event | Crocs

Today gonna share about the charity event that was organized at Rumah Kids and Zee Avi is the special guest who pay a visit! You can read my previous post where my first time visit Rumah Kids for Crocs Shoes Donation . Colourful Crocs Shoes for each and every kids in Rumah Kids~! The kids are happy with their new comfortable shoes =) The cute Simon got a pair for himself too! We are the Crocs bloggers who are there to cover the event =D Glad to see Zee Avi appear in this charity event. Isn't she a caring person? =) Like her bright smile Zee Avi helping the kids to get their dishes. She hang out with the kids too. We bloggers also have fun with kids too. Haha =) MD of Kinderdljk(including Crocs), his wife, Zee Avi and Rumah Kid's Big Guy ChrisTock and Joanne can be a happy family with Simon (hints) Glad that able to take a close up photo of Zee Avi. Thanks~! And also a photo with Zee Avi too~! I would like to thanks Crocs for this =D Zee Avi can be funny too =) [That's

Crocs Shoes Charity @ Rumah Kids

One great Sunday me and a few other bloggers visited Persatuan Rumah Kanak-Kanak Ini Disayangi (RUMAH KIDS) along with CROCS Malaysia for a little charity. This home, as the name implies, is a home where orphans and children who are abandoned, abused and neglected are given shelter, love and care. Started in 1991, this home has housed and fed many children whose early childhood have been scarred by traumatic experiences. Many do not know what love is, until they are cared for and live in a "family setting" with "brothers and sisters" and house parents. Rumah KIDS is a registered society with Registrar Of Societies in Selangor and operated under the approved license of Government Welfare Care Act. Cash donations made payable to PERSATUAN RUMAH KIDS are tax exempted. CROCS Malaysia is generous enough to donate Crocs Shoes for each and every children+ youngsters in Rumah Kids. Tons of different design and colours Crocs shoes were brought to there