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Astro B.yond PVR's Winner @ Mid Valley RoadShow

A sneak peek sharing about what happen at Astro Beyond PVR event just now. Four bloggers trying their best to complete the task and accumulate as much points as they can to win Astro Beyond PVR (Personal Video Recorder). I can say all four of them are fighting hard to win the prizes. Was there to support RedMummy =D Now you can record your favourite show from Astro Beyong PVR (HD some more) and this is very good for people who don't want to miss their favourite show during at work. Participating bloggers are RedMummy , Eiling , BeautifulNara & Eyeris . RedMummy's winning spirit is very strong, see how hard she is recruiting for votes ;p RedMummy is good at recruiting votes =D Let see another video where all four bloggers need to fight for the Astro Beyond PVR Remote control. Super duper aggressive you know! Watch the video below. *sorry if you heard me Laughed out loud (LOL)* Aggressive battle between all four bloggers!! So base on the video you can gu

Adidas Action3 Road Show @ Mid Valley

Adidas launched their new deodorant called Action 3 and had a roadshow at Mid Valley Megamall from Sept 2 till Sept 6. I was late but still manage to meet up with bloggers featured in Project Alpha . The first season of Project Alpha will feature Sixthseal , Redmummy , Beautiful Nara , Fourfeetnine , Kennysia , Nicolekiss and Budiey . Set to go live on and radio station website daily for 7 weeks, from September 18th, 2009 onwards, it will cover the lives of these top bloggers in depth. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I was late, arrived at Centre Court of Midvalley not seeing the Adidas roadshow But I saw this The Raya House Decoration @ Mid Valley Ground Floor I forgot the "LG" [lower ground] so I thought I was at the wrong place and wondering around. *stupid me* But when I was about to give up I saw the Adidas Road Show in front of me!! A machine with light rating It was actually a huge Adidas A3 All I know is you can do something with it.