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Hop Hop Cafe with Cute Rabbits @ Subang SS18

Lop Eared Rabbits @ Hop Hop Cafe, Subang SS18 This morning me and my girlfriend (who love rabbits) decided to check out this new cafe named "Hop Hop Cafe" who adopt rabbits instead of cat/dog. The main theme of this cafe is of course giving you an opportunity to interact closely with the Lop Eared Rabbit and Hotot Rabbit. Now let's check out the environment would ya??

36 of the Biggest Love Songs Ever describe love between RBFluffy & RBBunny

The love story between #RBFluffy and #RBBunny can be described with a few love songs With Valentine's Day just around the corner, everyone has "Love" on their mind. It's on the radio, it’s in the books and’s everywhere!! Love all around so what better way to capture it then a collection of romantic love song that would put you and you lover in the mood while celebrating this season of Love!   Warner Music proudly presents "The Greatest Love of All – 36 of The Biggest Love Songs Ever"  to be released on the 27rd of January 2014 and features 36 best-selling hit songs from days of old and new. With favorites, Christina Perri - A Thousand Years, Kenny G - Theme From Dying Young, Celine Dion - The Power Of Love 

TianChad Wishing you a Happy New Year!!

Cute rabbit wishing you have a blasting new year in 2014!! On the first day of year 2014, I am enjoying my short holiday together with friend's wedding dinner at night later. Since people like to see cute stuff, here's a cute rabbit wishing you HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I would like to say thank you to all of you who have been visiting and supporting this site especially you who like to see more photos or join contest on to win concert tickets. It has been a great year for and Sky Arts Production as we are able to combine photography, music and blogging all together as one fun thing to share on this platform. OneRepublic Native Live in Malaysia 2013 @ Sunway Lagoon #OneRepublic Year 2013 was a great start as I manage to shoot for OneRepublic concert in Sunway Lagoon  (my favourite band!!) and really happy when the fans thank you for snapping great photo with the artist as well!! Here's a good news to share with you guys, I will be the offic