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DRB-HICOM AUTOFEST 2013 @ SPICE: Who's the winner of the brand new car?!

Heya guys, do you still remember I mentioned before that you can win a new car from the second DRB-Hicom Autofest 2013 ? This Autofest which was held at the SPICE (Subterranean Penang International Convention Exhibition has manage to attract over 18,000 residents from Penang and surrounding areas which came back after the 1st DRB-HICOM Autofest (held in January 2013 @ EON Complex, Glenmarie). Let see what are the things you've missed in Penang! MODENAS Stunt Show, LOTUS Experience, Triton and Proton Convoy and launching of Modenas 118EFI The three-days event which started on 28 June and has ended on 30 June 2013 hosted 10 brands under DRB-HICOM Group namely Audi, Can-am, Honda, Isuzu, Lotus, Mitsubishi, MODENAS, PROTON, Suzuki and Volkswagen . There were both indoor and outdoor activities and I ensure that the outdoor activities will be much more adrenaline rush with the Lotus Driving Experience and MODENAS Stunt Show =) There were convoys from several Car Clubs from

Win New Car at DRB-HICOM AUTOFEST 2013 @ SPICE [28-30 June]

Sunny beach at Langkawi It is the time for a road trip with your family members again! Sometimes me and my friends will just take on a ride to somewhere relaxing and enjoy the breeze at the beach. I still remember the last time when me and 4 other brother-sisters need to cramp in the car backseat for a long ride to Port Dickson. Ended up we all have sore butts... That's when the time my dad planned to get a bigger car to make us feel more comfortable. If you are currently looking for a new car at most affordable price or even promotion, you better not miss out DRB-HICOM AUTOFEST 2013 happening this weekend at Penang. SPICE (Subterranean Penang International Convention Exhibition ) DRB-HICOM BERHAD the leading automotive conglomerate in Malaysia is proud to announce the staging of the second DRB-HICOM AUTOFEST 2013 at the SPICE (Subterranean Penang International Convention Exhibition ) or formerly known as PISA from 28th – 30th Jun 2013. In this

Incredible Deals on Wheels Promotion with Proton Saga FLX

"Jingle bell Jingle bell Jingle all the way~" Christmas is coming soon and above picture was captured at e@curve. Now is already the school holidays and everyone hopes to travel around during their free time! I've noticed that people are now interested to visit i-City. I've visited i-City last year but I guess it is time to visit there again for their Snow walk, a place 50,000 square feet of arctic environment below 5 Degree Celsius for family fun with ice sculptures and rides. Talking about rides, I was thinking about getting myself a spacious and comfortable ride like the new Proton Saga FLX – just in time for all the travels during this festive season. Have you guys seen it? Some of my friends have it and I traveled in their car a couple of times, I must say it is surprisingly spacious! Plenty of leg space for the back passengers. Also since I’ll be driving my friends up to Cameron Highlands, another reason to get it?;) I also checked out the boot space, huge capa

Proton Saga FLX SE 1.6 L CVT -Test Drive Experience

Visited Proton Edar Showroom Puchong because I just feel like test drive a new car . Was looking for Proton Saga FLX model but I saw Proton Saga FLX SE is there too! I wanted to test drive SAGA FLX 1.3 but due to certain reason I am automatically upgraded to test drive the brand new Metallic Red SAGA FLX SE 1.6 which just arrived yesterday!! Looks really sporty from the outside =) I like!! I like the leather cushion seats with red thread at the side. It just looks quietly hot =) Check out their sport rims too. SAGA FLX SE 1.6 is a 1.6 litre Campro IAFM engine and available only with CVT automatic transmission . Calvin , the Proton guy let me drive around the town to test out the CVT features and I can tell you the experience is really really smooth =) With just a little press on the pedal you can feel the power of SAGA FLX SE. The CVT Technologies really works brilliantly as the gear switched so quietly that I didn't even notice it =) Thanks Calvin from Proton Edar S

Garage Walk @ Singapore F1 Grand Prix & PROTON Lifestyle Event @ 1Altitude

I never thought of being one of the lucky bloggers invited for a GARAGE WALK in Singapore F1 Grand Prix ! Thanks Proton Malaysia for making it possible!! Do note that we need a special VVVIP pass to get into the garage area though =) You can read my previous post about us challenging the BATAK Machine @ Proton/Lotus Renault GP Showcase . Miss Universe Australia Scherri-Lee Biggs also made a special appearance that night. Peggy and Akiraceo are invited bloggers too~ Here's a look at the VIP pass that allow us to go for a Garage Walk Crossing to the Paddock club and Pit Straight We were walking just beside the F1 racing circuit. It was loud whenever the car passing by. I wish there was ear plug with me =S Between, this is Anita Nyers from Lotus that lead us to the garage area. She is really friendly and kind =) We need to pass the security check first before entering the Pit Zone. Super tight security yo. It is a total different world when I entered this area. Each and every