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Photo Face-Off with Justin Mott and Christy Yeoh on HISTORY Channel

I've been in love with photography for many years and always wonder what if photography challenge/marathon was being brought up to the TV Screen. Finally something awesome coming up on HISTORY Channel, it is called " The Photo Face-Off". "The Photo Face-Off" is an original series for HISTORY to showcase the unique cultures and diversity in Asia and you can witness five photographers from different continent take the challenge to PK with Justin Mott, a very active and talkative professional photographer that I've met during the Press Conference. Singyuin Christy Yeoh, participant from Malaysia is a kinda quiet girl but her image speak thousand words too. I can't wait to watch these TV Series on History Channel and hopefully I can learn a few tips throughout this show. Who know's one day I might be in Photo Face-Off Season 2? Haha!! Check out some photos below where Justin Mott and Singyuin Christy Yeoh were given an instant 10 minutes photograph