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Nico Rosberg+Lewis Hamilton @ PETRONAS KLCC Meet&Greet #PMGP2013

Lewis Hamilton and Nico RosbergMeet and Greet @ KLCC Concourse Area 20 March 2013 Yo guys, it was a very hot afternoon to take a ride all the way to KLCC just to meet Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in person. HOWEVER thanks to PETRONAS Motorsports as I've got a good view to snap photos and videos of Nico and Lewis one floor above the KLCC Concourse area. The picture above showed only part of the crowd who came early queuing up to meet and greet Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton in person. Salute to their F1 spirit! PETRONAS Motorsports Merchandizes available at the same place If you didn't prepare anything for the meet and greet session, you can always buy your favourite PETRONAS Motorsports and Mercedes-Benz merchandize for Nico and Lewis to autograph. I think all guys should greet the pretty ladies at the PETRONAS merchandise booth HAHAHA Mercedes-Benz fan should grab at least something from here =) Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton arrivi

[VIDEO] PETRONAS Motorsports Demo Run 2013 [14 March]

Lucky guest selected to be the passenger of this 600cc motorbike! PETRONAS Motorsport Demo Run 2013  In short, I just want to share the video which I quickly trim-and-link-together for this event PETRONAS Motorsport Demo Run 2013 which happened at Jalan Ampang and Jalan P. Ramlee. If you wantt to know what happened there and love "vroom-vroooom" sound, watch the video below! PETRONAS Motorsport Demo Run 2013 [14 March] | Thanks for watching! *smirk* More photos will be posted in my coming post! Thanks for reading! Press the "Like" button and share with your friend kay? You can subscribe to TianChad @ 永遇乐 , be a fans on TianChad @ 永遇乐 and follow @TianChad on Twitter for future blog post update =)

PETRONAS Twin Towers Awesome Night Scenery below Marini's On 57

The first time I met Shila Amzah was at Marini's On 57 - Malaysia's Highest Rooftop Bar, Restaurant & Lounge during ntv7 Bella Awards PC. Today I am jsut gonna share with you how to get the extraordinary view of KLCC Twin Towers and KL Towers at the same building of Marini's On 57. Outdoor bar view of KLCC Twin Towers at Marini's on 57 At Marini's On 57 you can definitely see the Petronas Twin Towers shine bright like a diamond at night. All you need to do is order a glass of cocktail to start your night. Awesome views will comes with food menu that's a bit higher than average. However it is always worth a visit to this place if you like to have a glance of the KL Night City scenery. Since I wasn't going after for drinks and was alone, I only manage to take a quick photo of Petronas Twin Towers before I leave Marini's On 57. KL Tower glimmering at night among the KL buildings Guess where did I get this view of KL tower from? =D Her

PETRONAS "5 Pillars of Happiness" CNY Campaign to Benefit Charity Homes - Share now!

PETRONAS "5 Pillars of Happiness" CNY Campaign to benefit charity homes Courtesy of PETRONAS, I was invited along with a few blogger friends to attend the launch of PETRONAS 2013 CNY Campaign - 'Five Pillars of Happiness: A Celebration of Culture and Tradition' . The 'Five Pillars of Happiness' campaign takes the cue from the messages in customary getting on the morning of the lunar new year: wealth (禄) ; longevity (寿) ; health (康) ; tranquility (宁) ; and luck(福); and where good fortune befalls when one wishes and does good deeds for others. PETRONAS "5 Pillars of Happiness"     The launching was held at the lobby area of Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS, Twin Towers KLCC . I like how the venue was decorated and the loveliest sight is the CNY deco on the chair! Nice Chinese New year decoration We received a CNY door gift that represent the 5 pillars of happiness Luck; Wealth; Longevity; Health; Tranquillity PET

Couple Visit to Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge Visitor's Centre + IceCream

  It's been a while since me and girlfriend hang out together on a weekend so we planned to visit KLCC PETRONAS Twin Towers for the Skybridge and the Observation Deck . As a proud Malaysian, we all should really visit PETRONAS Twin Towers at least once in a life time because it is one of the landmark that most travelers would like to drop by. Ticket Price to visit PETRONAS Twin Tower Skybvridge and Observation Deck Another good reason to visit PETRONAS Twin Towers is non-other than the cheaper ticket price for us Malaysians! Normally the ticket is selling at RM80 (adult) and RM30 (Child) . However, as a Malaysian with MyKad you can get access to the top of one of the tallest building in the world at just RM25 (Adult) /RM12 (Child) !! Visiting Days: Tuesday to Sunday (closed every Monday) Visiting Hours: 9am – 9pm (closed from 1pm – 2.30pm on Fridays) Ticketing Counter:    Concourse level, PETRONAS Twin Towers Note: Issuing of Tickets will start from