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"Pledge to Live Green Now, Save the Sea Turtles!" - @wwfmy

Do you like nature? I do! My earlier trip to Pulau Kapas, Terengganu was awesome especially when I was able to see healthy corals together with fishes swimming in the sea. Nemo hiding in the living purple anemones *Captured using my compact cam with DICAPAC waterproof case* ;p We went to different snorkeling spots and tried our luck to find at least one turtle! I saw a lot of sea urchins, big clams and fishes, but I wasn't able to spot any sea turtle... Therefore, together with my friends, we did an extraordinary mission, which is to kayak all the way from the Kapas Turtle Valley Beach Resort (bottom of Pulau Kapas) to the Gemia Island (top part of Pulau Kapas) just to check out their little turtle sanctuary. Sea turtle at Gemia Island There's a pond that contain new born and adult sea turtles at the pond in Gemia Island. So far I guess that's the easiest place for you to spot living sea turtles when you travel to Pulau Kapas. Sea turtles fe

[Photoshoot] The Lovely Chua Sisters with Nature

The Chua Sister - Nicole Chua and Wern Introducing The Chua Sister - Nicole Chua and YiWern Chua . We decided to have a photoshoot after saw a stretch of trees blooming red flowers. The next day evening while sun is still setting, The Chua Sisters, (typical girls who need to spend long time for choosing the right dress and make up) is preparing themselves to look best in front of my camera. I still remember I was urging them by saying the sun is setting soon and we are gonna miss the golden sunlight. We did missed it but never regret to do the photoshoot that day. We took photos at two different spot (trees with red flowers + long stretch of tall trees), and found out that the long stretch of tall trees were chopped off for Puchong new LRT Station construction... O.o At first we went to the red flower trees, didn't expect there were so many red ants on those trees. Luckily didn't get bitten by those little monster. We were shooting just beside a guard house therefore it was a

Carp & Lotus @ Plaza Mont Kiara

Long time ago, I did a random photoshoot of my surrounding while I was waiting for my colleagues at Plaza Mont Kiara. It was early in the morning and sun rising up. Saw people rushing here and there to their office with their breakfast. Noticed a mom with her son near the pond. Mom, see fish!! There are different kind of fish in this pond. This one less obvious to be noticed The orange colour carp Close up shot of a carp that catch my attention See the texture on this carp. Doesn't it look exactly the life like you saw on Chinese Drawing? =) Decoration with real life lotus Close up of a pink lotus Close up of a purple lotus Do you raise carp in your house? How much does it cost? I heard my uncle raise a lot of it but once the water got problem, all carps die and eventually he was crying inside his heart. Because the carps that he raise weren't that cheap at all. PS: If you noticed some of my blog post's photos are not showing properly, it is because someone using one of my

MSS Day 4: Mesmerizing Paddy Fields & Egyption-inspired Sunway Pyramid

Woke up as early as 7.30am in the morning, can hear the natural whispering outside the house. Birds twitting and rising sun (wait sun doesn't create sounds when rising). Still thinking of the Magical trip @ Kuala Selangor Firefly Park last night . Didn't know that the magic last till morning because the Paddy Field @ Dorani Homestay mesmerized me again~! Mesmerizing Paddy Fields @ Dorani Homestay Morning dews on every leaves with rising sun behind Little dragonfly letting the sunshine to dry his wing Small frog that disguise so well on the mud Amazing panorama pictures of the paddy fields that I decided to make a collage *Click to enlarge for better view* Here is my video sharing the scenery of the Paddy Fields. Please forgive me for my just-wake-up face + voice! Must watch ya! =) Morning me without the contact lens, actually brown eyes is my true colours. I look fair pale that day but I don't shine like Edward Cullen under the sun. Wtf Foster mum cooking breakfast for